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Hey everyone! I'm going to be purchasing two 18.5 inch widescreen displays very soon to replace my aging 18" 4:3 Dell LCD. I'm also going to be upgrading my graphics card. After I upgrade, I'll have a few video ports available. Plugged into both VGA ports I'll have my new monitors at 1366 x 768. I'm going to have my old monitor lying around, so why not put it to use as a third display? The resolution of the old monitor is 1280 x 1024. Do you think that the PPI would be about the same? Would windows be the same size as I drag them from the new monitors to the old monitor? I want to make sure it wold work okay before going to buy the correct adapter to connect it. Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. Just my opinion, but I'd rather have 1 1920x1080 screen than two 1366x768s. On my computer, I have a 1920x1080 and a 1280x1024.

    To answer your initial question:
    an 18" 1280x1024 would have 8293 PPI²
    a 18.5" 1366x768 would have 7175 PPI²

    Basically, the pixel density would be higher for your current screen than the new one; therefore, the windows and icons would look bigger on your widescreen displays. From a usability standpoint, that wouldn't be a real limitation though. (unless your planning on having one window stretched over multiple screens. 768 pixel height would be slightly annoying for using microsoft word though, imo.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I just found a list of monitors and their PPIs on Wikipedia. I noticed how the 18.5 and the 18 would have major PPI differences. I plan to have Google SketchUp stretched across multiple monitors, and I'm thinking aboujt spending the extra $10 per monitor and just get 20 inch ones. The PPI should be similar on all three.
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