New build keeps freezing/ sometimes blue screen

recently my system has been freezing inside windows 7. I can hardly get anything done. my system will randomly become unresponsive; my mouse will stop moving, ctrl+alt+del won't work everything just stops. I have to manually restart. I've tried clean install to no avail it seems unfixable.

asus p5q deluxe
550W psu
2X4gb patriot ddr2 memory
intel q6950 3.0 GHz
MSI r6950 twin frozr III 2gb
ZALMAN 9500A-LED 92mm CPU Cooler
Pioneer 12x bluray
WD 500gb caviar blue Windows 7 64bit
WD 160gb Ubuntu 11.04
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    Drivers! Manually check your driver version and the vendor's current release for all devices. You probably have a few to update...
  2. Ok did that. Worked for a while. Now it's doing it again. Should I install the drivers for the reference models? I have a twin frozr III.
  3. I think my mobo and gpu didn't like each other.
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