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hi friends please help i have bought Intel i7-2600 CPU but now one my friend told me that u have done the mistake that 2600k is way faster than 2600 so i want to ask u u that is this true?? i am a basic gamer i don't want to overclock my CPU but if 2600k is faster (without overclocking) then 2600 so i will buy it pleeease help me....

this is my spec

i7-2600 CPU /Intel DH 61WW- motherboard/gtx460se GPU /6 GB DDR3-1333 MHz ram/

please help me if i can make any other changes for better performance (i don't want to overclock)
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    There are 2 differances between the 2600 & 2600K the ist is the K model as an unlocked multiplier for overclocking which you don't want and the second is the K model has the better 3000 onboard graphics and I assume as you are gaming you are getting a dedicated graphics card and don't need this either.
  2. They are the same except one is overclockable (K) and the other isn't.

    Also the K has better integrated graphics, which you don't use anyways.

    What is your 6GB ram configuration? It's not 3 sticks is it? Cause that will hurt performance.
  3. i have 2gb stick and 4gb stick ram
  4. I recommend getting a dual channel kit for RAM its very cheap at the moment and you want 2 sticks the same.
  5. OK tomorrow i will buy it (thanks a lot)
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