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I'm a complete noob when it comes to opening up and changing hardware in my pc, however i'm thinking of going for an eyefinity setup. After searching around for the monitors/GPU's the Ati 5870/Sapphire 6870 Flex seemed to suit my needs ( correct me if i'm wrong ). However i soon realised i needed a 500-600W + PSU and i have a standard 450W Psu. I have no idea what to look for and have many questions..

If i have an ATX Case ( which i believe i have ) will any ATX PSU fit it?

As i will have the higher GPU i will need more connectors so do i need to find a PSU with a certain ammount ? or can i add more onto a new PSU?

The case I have has LEDs would that be straightforward and not be affected by the switch? ( Guessing it will as they are probably on the Motherboard? )

The PSU i have at the moment has a switch above the socket, and in some of the PSU's ive seen they are in different places, will it fit the case? or is it not part of the case?

As you can see i'm a complete noob at this kind of thing, and all the answers i seem to find are hard to understand.
I found this PSU http://www.amazon.co.uk/CiT-750W-Power-Supply-Rails/dp/B002Q8HFEI/ref=zg_bs_430514031_1 would this be ok? i know its cheap and isn't by a brand but i don't have a huge budget and the reviews seem ok.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. what are the specs of your system,cpu,motherboard,case,this information can help othere to give you good advice regarding the psu,also the psu is very important part of the pc,i would recomend buying a good quality psu if you can,maybe a corsair or antec true power
  2. Cpu : Intel i5 650
    Mobo : Foxconn p55a
    Case : no idea, its an Advent Ci 5231
    I Can try and find out the PSU Atm if you wish?
    Ok, i can see where your coming from about the PSU, ill prboebly just stretch the budget there.. :>

  3. looks like a good system,i have a core I5 2500k 3.3ghz with a gtx 560 ti,and i use a antec true power 650watt,this psu cost me $140 in australia,i am unsure of the power that your video cards will require,so i hope othere will post more advice for you
  4. That unit is utter crap and a low end generic power supply. 2 rails supplying 20A's each for a 750w unit and 1 6 pin connector?

    A GOOD QUALITY 750w power supply will have least 55 + AMPS on the 12v rails ALONE
    with 4 x 6 pins (or 6+2 pins).

    31 Euros is even less than a Antec EA 380D which runs around 40 euros and is the least most people and I would recommend to people.

    I and everyone else always recommend power supplies from Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, XFX, and a select few others not because they're expensive, but because they do what they advertise, have good build quality, and tested by independent and high quality testers like jonnyguru.

    That is a piece of turd low end unit. Buy at your own risk (also get a fire extinguisher and leave it near your pc).
  5. You can always determine how much PSU power you need for your current and future PC build from the link below.


    The 6870 under max load draws about 163W or ~14 amps. on the 12v rail. Thus you will need a quality PSU with at least ~30 amps. available on the 12v rail. The PSU that you listed does not appear to be a quality PSU. I can't find any reviews or good reports on it so I can not recommend this PSU. The price is a tip-off that it's a low grade PSU.

    You should look for Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling or similar PSUs. You can look for PSU Reviews on Tom's, www.jonnyguru.com, www.hardwaresecrets.com or similar to find a quality PSU available in your locale. Check for reviews of the Specific Model PSU as some brands use multiple vendors and one model PSU could be good and another not so good.

  6. Ok thanks for all your replies, I'll steer clear of the generic brands then, and I seem to need around 650W with growing room. I didn't even know about the Amps on the rails so thanks for telling me about that.. However I have one question, I need 2 6 pin connectors for the gpu, but what else would use 6pin? What would the DVD drive/ hdd use? Or does it vary?
    Again.. Thanks alot!
  7. DVD and HDD drives use sata connectors iirc while other things like fan's usually use molex connectors.

    There's 4 types of connectors, 6 Pin PCI-E (or 6+2 / 8 pin), 20+4 pin motherboard connectors, 4 pin molex connectors, and sata connectors for HDD's , DVD/CD drives.

    What you require is a good 500-550 w psu unit.

    Look for these units : Corsair TX V2 / TX-M / HX ; XFX Core Edition / Pro Edition , Seasonic S12II, M12II, SS, X ; Antec EA, TP , Neo Eco, HCG , TG .
  8. Thanks! That's cleared everything up:)
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