Problem after installing new graphic card

I am not sure what is the exact cause so pardon me if I post in the wrong section.

Recently I upgrade my graphic card from the integrated GeForce9100 to GeForce GT240 GDDR5. The game performances are significantly better with the new graphic card but another problem occurs.

When I play Call of Duty 2, if I pause and jump back to the windows a buzzing sound from the computer case immediately follows. The same problem occurs when I close the game application, there will always buzzing sound coming from my computer case. The sound disappears in approximately 1 minute and does not seem to occur until I close another game application.

I suspect that the sound is from the PSU (if I press my hand on the computer the buzzing will disappear, but occurs when I lift my hand), but I am not exactly sure what is the cause and why.

Hope someone can help me with this problem and direct me to investigate the cause.

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  1. What is the make and model of your psu and what are the rest of your computers specs?

    Sounds like the psu is being pushed too hard and about to fail.
  2. Here is the spec of my pc:

    As far as I know my psu is 300w according to factory default.

    Now I remove my new graphic card and it seems that there is no longer loud buzzing. So I am assuming that the problem may be caused by either:

    1. PSU undervoltage
    2. Graphic card defection

    Am I right?
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    I don't know how a video card can buzz unless wires are touching the fan, so....I would suspect the psu is underpowered.
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