Need help, Intel build

Hey, looking for someone to point me in a direction for a new build,
this being my first build, every comp ive owned was pre bought. Now
looking to specialize to a gameing/research comp for school
Budget 1,ooo$ or so
Parts not included monitor,mouse,keyboard,os

parts i want
cooler master storm scout:sgc-2000-kkNI-GP @89.99
min i5 core
ability to change red fan led's to green,
maybe liquid cooled,
6g ram
moderate graphix cards,

any help/advice accpeted main games playing are wow and cod, lil starcraft
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  1. First of all, You can't get color changing fans... It might be a bit hard to find them
    If it's your first build, don't try liquid cooling.
    How much gaming are you going to be doing?

    Basically you want:
    -Intel i5-2500k Processor.
    -4-8GB RAM
    -GPU Maybe a 6970?
    -Blueray (This is really pointless)
    -A CM Case

    You also forgot the Motherboard. I'm guessing you would like a USB 3.0 One...
    Choose one:

    And you forgot the most important part of your pc, The power supply. Go for a 750W Corsair or a good brand name. Crappy ones will kill your PC.

    -You might want to spell better and you should be positive you can build it.
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