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Can i run ddr2 on ddr3 motherboard?

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June 8, 2012 12:06:12 PM


MY pc felled 37 inches from its shelf to the floor, but it was no running for I had already shut it down.
I pick it up and power it on, but it did not boot.
So I suspected it was the PSU and I rushed to the pc store and purchased the same brand that was installed when it fell to the floor.

This new PSU failed to boot the pc, so that leaves the problem with the motherboard without a doubt!
I was running an MSI 740 GTM-P21 board using DDR2.

I had windows XP on this MSI system with years of files and folders of family and all other important documents, utilities and files.

Is there anyone out there who could direct me to an outlet where this specific motherboard can be purchased?

Finally, I read an article where it is possible to run a DDR2 on a DDR3 board. If this is true or possible, would you kindly refer me to this most helpful blessing?

BTW, I removed one of two SATA hdd on the MSI and installed one hdd to my AMD64 3000+ computer with Windows 7 loaded on it.
After connecting the two SATA cables to the SATA hdd on the AMD 64 pc and booting into Win7 and going into Disk Management, Win7 lists every hdd and dvd drive on the system but never shows the 350GB Seagate drive and gives it contents as "unallocated drive space."

When booting up, I press the Del key to go into Setup, once there I click on the top list and Windows show the SATA drive as: [ST33206 13AS].
Yet, when booting into Win7, Windows lies and gives me this false report saying unallocated space! What's up with this lying os?

I am in dire straits of loosing the contents of this WinXP partition and is hoping to resolve this issue, no matter what!

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,

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a c 1527 V Motherboard
June 8, 2012 3:27:01 PM

I am not sure what is going on but after a fall what you need to do is reseat every thing, cards and connectors!
NO DDR2 ram does not work in a DDR3 slot.
June 8, 2012 4:27:34 PM

Thanks to Rolli59:

Your remarks are well taken, but remember, this psu is a 24-pin which have been shipped back to the manufacturer after obtaining their RMA and will not get a replacement until somewhere around the 06/15/12.

You must know that this psu is the 24 pin type and I have several 20 pins which will not work. I guess I'll pickup another 24-pin and reset everything as a new install today.
BTW, I call a company who stated that they would diagnose the motherboard without a charge.
So let me decide which route to take.

I certainly appreciate your input in this matter.