I've got a probelm

Two days ago my cat happened spilled some iced tea onto my laptop keyboard. I took the plate off the back and dried and cleaned out most of what i could, and took the hard drive out, and let all the parts sit out for almost two days. I reconnected everything today and it starts up fine but then it says Boot Device Not Found Please Install an operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk - (3F0) and then it says F2 for system diagnostics. Any suggestions?
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  1. I suggest you stop giving tea to your cat. :P

    Did your computer crash when the tea was spilled on it?

    I think your problem is one of the following:

    a) Your hard drive is damaged beyond repair
    b) The boot sector on your hard drive has been corrupted somehow
    c) Your system is messed up (your motherboard has been damaged)
    d) There is some tea or something interfering with your hard drive's connection to your motherboard

    To fix:

    1) Remove your hard drive from your laptop, clean it as best you can, and dry everything. Then put it back in and try again. If it doesn't boot...

    2) Put in a different hard drive (one with no operating system on it) and try to install windows on it. If you aren't able to install windows on it AND get it to boot then your problem is (c)

    3) If that hard drive boots then you are in condition (a) or (b). At this point, you should put the old hard drive back in, put in a windows install disk (or recovery disk) and run the recovery/repair routine. If your drive is still not recognized then (a)
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