New build only powers on for 1 sec

Hi, I checked through the "System won't boot" checklist, and am about to pull everything and methodically check everything at once (though I have reseated everything so far except the cpu and ram, since the Noctua D14 covers the ram and makes things a PIA in general with its size)... and I've never had a short in the dozen or so builds I've done over the years, so I'm going to check for that etc as I run through everything.

However, before I do so, I am just wondering if anyone else is familiar with this specific type of no boot problem? I hit power, and the computer turns on for about .75 to 1 second, then the power supply clicks and shuts off, then it tries to start again automatically around 4 seconds later... and does the same thing... as a cycle. After I switch the PS off, it even tries this cycle one more time, only lasting about .2 seconds do to the lack of power.

Basic Components of the System:
Gigabyte z68xp-ud4
i5 2500k
G.skill ddr3 8gb (2x4gb) 2133
XFX 6870 (booting without it for now til problems are solved)
Kingwin Lazer Platinum 550w
(all in a Fractal Define R3)

Other info:
CPU fan plug is plugged in with one of the Noctua fans, though not pwm, and spinning.

Checked all ATX/cpu power connectors 3-4 times

Disappointed that I cannot find a jumper on this new mobo to reset the cmos but will try a jumper from my old comp

Noctua H1 cpu paste is non conductive and I applied the correct amount and it would take a freak to spill that stuff on anything else.

Constantly touched the steel of my case while installing components for static protection

I do not have an extra psu with an all 8 pins for the cpu power connector to check with, nor do I have any spare intel parts (so I could at most conceivably check my PS in my old AMD build)

Okay I'm off looking potential short-causing cses around the board as well as reseating the ram now but do let me know if you are familiar with this type of boot problem.

Thanks guys, and sorry to have to post another boot problem thread. This is the most money I've ever dropped on a build (usually a budget guy) yet one of the worst in terms of initial boot up.. so I'm quite anxious to get this working! And thanks for tolerating my post.
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  1. Apparently it works using channel B for the memory... had to re-seat that big Noctua D14 to check that. Although now I'm pissed because Seagate drives are POS's and, I took a risk got one because it was cheap (30 bucks) and a single platter... and it makes a pulsating grinding noise. That and my ram won't run at rated timings either. Bummer day.
  2. I would look at the PSU, make sure its a good one , this is so often overstepped I have a rev 1.0 version of this board, its rock steady, 2600k cpu at stock voltage runs at 4.3 ghz, I use sleep a lot, as I rather have everything open in a few seconds as I left it, had no issues with forgotten settings that others have reported, my PSU is an enermax EG701AX its a few years old, and works fine on this board
  3. btw the cmos jumper is a 2 pin connector at the bottom of the board just above where you plug in case switches and led's, no jumper is on it though...
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