Need some help with PSU and GFX Card

I have a pretty old computer that is missing a gfx card and psu and I was wondering what would be the cheapest way to go to restore it. I just want to set it up for my mom so she can use it for facebook and web browsing. The MB unfortunately doesn't have a spot for a monitor... so I think I will need to purchase some sort of GFX card. Here are my current specs:

E6600 2.4 OC'd to 3.0 CPU (I'm thinking I should probably set this back to stock settings)
780i SLI Nvidia Motherboard
8gbs of ram

I was thinking maybe these two..

I just picked those because EVGA brand, cheap, good reviews and it just seems they will be able to handle web browsing.
I would definitely pay more if those two are bad in any way... I basically want the cheapest but highest quality set up... I don't want the PSU frying in a year or GFX card overheating in a couple months or anything like that. But I also just need something for simple web browsing, not extreme gaming or something. Hope that makes sense.

What do you guys think?
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  1. I hope you do know the MX4000 is like... 8 9 years old right and that psu is utter crap.

    Never ever go cheap on PSU's unless you want something that will blow up and kill your power supply.

    Here's some quality suggestions for you.
    El cheapo GPU that can do basic stuff

    Quality budget psu that can handle its own.
    Corsair CX 430 V2

    Antec EA 380D

    This is the cheapest way to restore it. A good PSU can last for many years (5+ in some cases) and not blow up on you and kill your computer. A GPU is replaceable and since your mom most likely does not game then a cheapo 5450 will do the trick for movies, facebook , etc
  2. Alright, good thing I posted here first then! Thanks!

    Those look like great choices and the total price is really great. BUT- I just found out I have a $120 best buy gift card!

    I found a corsair cx 430 - but I don't think it's V2:

    Also would this be okay for the GFX card?
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    Both are OK for what you want. Not going to really complain about that non V2 model (v1's were slightly under 80+ designation 78-82% efficient) as the V2 model just consists of a few modified parts to make it 80+.

    You might want to grab a few goodies for yourself since you have a gift card... i mean... why not? lol
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  5. hahaha yes! Great idea!

    Again thanks for all the help man!!
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