Social Aspect of the Nintendo DS?

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I wrote this in a previous post, but this may warrant it's own thread.

After picking up a DS recently, the following thoughts were flowing through
my brain.

One of the exciting things I think the DS has a potential for is it's
"social aspect". The DS, with it's wireless capabilities, wants to be
social! It'll be interesting to see how this takes form. I hope Nintendo
and third parties take full advantage of it. The image of people playing
multiplayer games while commuting on public transportation comes immiedietly
to mind to everyone, but thats just the tip of iceberg. The limitation is
really only set by imagination. One of the really interesting things is
that some multiplayer games will allow all players to play off of a single
cart. (You download the game from the "host".) You may find yourself in a
public setting, playing with your DS, and then have someone else asking if
you want to play a game -- even though you can't physically see them. Either
you or they host and then have a quick game. Perhaps game stores will take
advantage of this feature -- i.e., as soon as you walk into a game store
with your DS you are able to download a demo of new games? Cart software to
act as web browsers and email clients in public hot spots? (Not sure if WEP
encryption is possible or not, but if its just software then it should be?)
Hot spots that act as specifically as gaming centers? Perhaps wireless
routers that contain server/host software for DS (and upload client DS games
to DS users within their range) are in the future. This could be very
revolutionary, if Nintendo and third-parties take advantage of it!

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    > Great point. We've seen the MSN/ICQ/SMS-rage. People are trying to contact
    > each other through different ways. The digital revolution in the early
    > makes for many of us the computer a necessity.
    > Now with the DS released we can contact each other through again a new
    > concept. Wireless communication has won a lot of ground in the late 90's
    > in the new millenium, and I'm sure the DS will contribute to this with its
    > very own concept of wireless communication.
    > I'm still not sure, though, about the Mass buying this product. I sure
    > so - definetely! But with the small line-up of games and especially the
    > of available launchtitles, I worry about the DS dying a dishonourable
    > Let's sure hope that indeed developers will try to get the most out of the
    > potential of the DS.
    > On the GBA we've seen a lot of (S)NES-ports, and I'm afraid this is going
    > repeat itself on the DS. Take Mario 64 and Ridge Racer for example. Both
    > have been released on respectively the Nintendo 64 and the Playstation,
    > under the excuse of "Unique touchscreen capabilities" they try to sell the
    > game, while, especially in the last case, it doesn't work out quite well.
    > I've seen developers proudly presenting that they "Finished the DS game in
    > under 5 months". This actually more makes me pity them than being proud of
    > them.
    > I share your hopes when it comes to developers making unique communication
    > possibilities for the DS.
    > And concerning the spamming: I do not think it's gonna be such a madness.
    > Take pictochat, you can yourself set up a chatroom and possibly ban others
    > who irritate you. Furthermore yóu decide whether you enter a chatroom or
    > don't.
    > Let's see if the DS is gonna be a revolution or a techno-gadget for geeks.

    I'm with you on everything there! Too bad the DS didn't ship with a web
    browser and email client, which its more than capable of. That would've
    been killer.

    Yeah, the touchscreen is nice, but I also don't want to see developers using
    the touchscreen just for the sake of doing it -- as an after thought. I'm
    probably alone, but I've found Mario playable with the D-pad. Sure, at
    times it does get frusterating (falling off edges, and, especially, swimming
    underwater) but it's managable. The "Save Game" screen forces you to use
    the touchscreen, which makes little sense though.
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