How to Bypass Firewalls ?

U r suggested some web sites for by passing the firewalls.
but in my college these also blocked. what can i do now
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  1. Use a proxy server to get around websites that your college has deemed inappropriate and blocked. one of these websites off the top of my head is But if that is also blocked then i suggest doing a google search for them.
  2. There was a filter called Websense on the network for the entire school system at my old schools and I found a little tiny program that got around it and it worked flawlessly. The program is called Ultra Surf and it was developed for use in China where the internet is government controlled and filtered. The program is an exe so if the computer allows them to run you can get through the filters. It works by encrypting the data before it leaves your computer, sends it to an Ultra Surf server for decryption, and then forwards the packets to the site your going to. Myspace, Facebook, Youtube, everything worked when I used it. Also, my connection sped up significantly, probably because the firewall could did not scan the packets because they were encrypted.

    Hope you have the same success with it that I did!
    Good luck :)
  3. Hi... I think I have the answer on how to bypass a firewall. No matter you're in school or anywhere with free wireless services but have Firewall installed. I'm not going to write the same guide here but you can go see the full guide here >>> :bounce: :bounce: :cry: :cry: :pt1cable: :pt1cable: :non:

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