Which cards can you sli on a asus p8p67-m motherboard

Have ASUS P8P67-M MB .Which cards cards can I SLI . I have a NVIDIA GTX 460 SE installed.
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  1. Any nvidia dual slot card that supports SLI. There is not enough space between the slots for triple slot cards.
  2. The MB only has 2 pci slots for graphics cards i have a GTX 460se installed.Dont know if i get 1 more if it will work in sli .Or only crossfire which the MB supports
  3. I am sorry Asus linked me to a different board when I copied your board name in their site. Your board will not support SLI at all. The second slot at X4 speed stops that. Just upgrade to a single more powerful card and you have less problems.
  4. Shane917 said:
    Have ASUS P8P67-M MB .Which cards cards can I SLI . I have a NVIDIA GTX 460 SE installed.

    If you currently have a GTX460, then you can only use another GTX460 to SLI.

    EDit Sorry, didn't read the other posts. If your motherboard only supports crossfire, then you have to use AMD/ATI cards, so SLI is not an option for you.
  5. Any suggestions on cards .Will I really benifit from 2 cards or just upgrade to a larger nvidia card .Thanks for reply
  6. Since you have an ndivia card now & your motherboard only supports crossfire, you would have to get TWO new AMD/ATI cards.
    At a given price point, (cost of 2 cards = cost of more powerful single card), always go with the single, more powerful card. Less issues with heat & airflow, less complications, and if you need more power in the future, you can add another single card at that time.
  7. Just get a more powerful card, you can ebay off your current card or sell it here in the classifieds.
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