MicroATX build, will it fit?

Hi everyone, I'm looking to build a new computer using the following case and the following motherboard:



I'm planning on putting in a 2500k CPU and a single GPU, perhaps an NVIDIA GTX 560 or an AMD Radeon 6870. A 1 TB HDD, and one 64 GB SSD, I would like to also use all the memory slots (4x4 for 16 gb), and a blue-ray optical drive. I was planning on getting a 500-550W modular power supply, is that sufficient for what I'm building?

I also would like to overclock so I would like to put in a better heatsink/fan. My question is, with the microatx form factor, and the small case, would I be able to fit everything in? If anyone has a recommendation on the heatsink, please let me know. Thank you.
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  1. I think it would be ok. But please, do NOT get 16GB of ram.... If you want overkill, get 8GB.

    And for a better heatsink, check out the Scythe Big Shuriken. Lotsa power, small form factor.
  2. That is a nice case for the money. I can't think of any other cases under $40 I would recommend. But it is pretty bare, Just the essentials. Built a server in it, now it holds my buddy's machine.
    Not sure I would recommend it for a gaming system though. Doesn't really have the cooling, you can fit a 120 fan in front and rear but that's it. It has a vent on the side, but could easily be modded with a side fan for fresh air for the video card.
  3. Thanks for the tips, I think it should be able to handle gaming at 1080p, I'll definitely look into putting a side fan and using the Scythe Big Shuriken
  4. Usually its the width that limits the size of cpu cooler .
    But it is possible in some cases to use big coolers and m-ATX cases . I use a Silverstone TJ-08 and have shoe horned a Scythe Ninja into it .

    If I was you Id assemble your computer and then start measuring the space .
    I doubt the answer is a shuriken . They are good HTPC coolers but not a performance cooler
  5. Agreed. A normal shuriken would be better. I just looked at the thermal charts, and they can't touch a Hyper 212+, but they run within 10c of them, which isn't bad.
  6. He doesnt need a low profile cooler of any kind .

    Heres a link to a micro -ATX case like mine with a Scythe Ninja . Its a big tower cooler with a 120 mm fan [ in my set up ]

    The critical dimension is the height of the cooler above the motherboard fitting inside the width of the case .

    The OP's case will almost certainly allow him to fit even a large tower cooler .
  7. If he can fit it, sexy.
  8. Any recommendation on an alternative microatx case? Preferably one with a handle?
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811154094&cm_re=apex_micro-_-11-154-094-_-Product Not real flashy, but very good, cheap case. Good value and looks to be what you are looking for?
  10. Thanks Striker, one last question/comment, for gaming at 1080p, or 1900x1200 at the max graphic settings for most games, is it doable with a Nvidia GTX 560/Radeon 6850? I think it should be good enough but just wanted to make sure.

    Oh and one more thing, does it make a difference if the board is P67 or Z68? I do plan on OCing. From what I've read it doesn't seem to matter much unless you're going back and forth between discrete and onboard video for, so should I just go with the board with all the extras I want? Looking real hard at the Asus P8P67-M Pro, but it looks like it's deactivated at newegg, is there a real big difference going with the Asus P8P67-M instead?
  11. For the first question.
    Depends on what games. You won't be maxing crysis until you get up into like the GTX 580 lol. But with some of the settings turned down (AA, AF) you should be able to get 50-60FPS on top tier games with a 6870. I would definitely go 6870 If I was you.

    For the second question. I would go neither. The P8P67 M doesn't have 8x8x lanes (basically could bottleneck a second card) and it's overpriced a bit. I would look at this gigabyte board: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128495&cm_re=gigabyte_z68-_-13-128-495-_-Product A few more features for $5 less. The 8x8x lanes are the killer feature really.
  12. kpm1 said:
    Thanks Striker

    LOL just realized I linked the case you had at the top.... My bad :p
    Still, it's the best case for your use really.
  13. But for a single GPU, the PCI-E lanes shouldn't matter right? I like gigabyte, I just wish it had firewire and e-sata as well, not too many boards with both in microatx form unfortunately
  14. The PCI lanes do not matter for a single card, correct. However if you ever want to add a second GPU, they do matter. And since it's $5 off, I think that would just add to it.
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