Socket question for M5A78L-M LX Plus motherboard

Hi, I got this motherboard for a new build, and it's my first AMD build - it was a really cheap combo for the FX-4100 and this mobo, so I had to jump on it.

My question/problem is this: when I went to install the CPU, I noticed that the locking mechanism was... lacklustre? All the lever did was make this cover-looking thing slide back and forth. I inserted the CPU when it was "unlocked", and then lowered and locked the lever... only to be able to easily pull the CPU right out. The locking did nothing. What the hell does this lever actually do? Is that just an aspect of this specific mobo? Or am I doing something horribly wrong :ouch:
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  1. If it does not lock the CPU in the board then I would return it. It is supposed to do that and have a little effort in closing it.
  2. Okay, well, that wouldn't prevent the system from working, though, right? I just wanted to eliminate this first, because it was an anomaly.

    Oh, and yeah, I already stuck the heatsink on. :??:

    I just thought that maybe AMDs were... weird, and went forward with the build. I mean, the heatsink holds it firmly in place anyway, so.

    In any event, I apparently have to update the bios somehow, because from what I've been able to find out online, this mobo doesn't ship with a bios that supports fx-4100
  3. To update the BIOS you need an AM3 CPU so you might have to pull the CPU out any way.
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