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X79 & PCI-E 3.0

Can someone clears this up for me please?
Does X79 have PCI-E 3.0 or not.
I read that it doesn't, that it does but not native and some say only about half the 40 lanes are 3.0.
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    Sandy Bridge E & X79 PCIe 3.0: It Works

    :lol: ubercake beat me by 16 seconds . . . :lol:

    if you are looking for more information on HOW MANY pci-E lanes use 3.0 read the best answer on this thread:
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  3. Thanks exactly what I wanted to know.
  4. Yeah, well, it sort of works on the SB-E -- nVidia decided for now to disable PCIe 3.0 capabilities on the GTX 670 & GTX 680 but oddly enough, I get why, enable it on the GTX 690 -- the why is because no matter what it has x16 PCIe lanes.

    This is due to a validation issue with EVGA -- there's a registry mod (hack) to turn-on PCIe 3.0.
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