Need help, is 6950 the way to go?

i will assembling a new computer within the week, and i am stumped on what graphics card to buy.

i was sold on the 6950, especially the 2gb, because of its unlockability and consumer reviews.

BUT do the charts show,2673.html


is the better buy?

i was sold on the 560ti for a while, but lately 6950 reviews have changed my mind.
are there better options that im missing?

basically im looking to spend under 300$, 300$ being pushing it and 250$ being perfect....(currently most sold on the sapphire 6950 2g)
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  1. Depends on what you are playing. Both good cards:

    Comparison ;)

    One can always find charts to support one view or another, best to look at several.
    And yes, a 2gb version of the 6950 can be unlocked.

    The higher the resolution, the better the 6950 becomes in comparison.
  2. 6950 2gb unlocked o/c is better than gtx560s at 1gz+ ...

    i use one 950/1450 rock stable it rocks
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