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I recently swapped my DH57M01 YD0213 mother board out of its Dell 8100 default case and into a cooler master storm. However, I'm currently experiencing an issue where, while a LED comes on indicating I have power, the computer won't start. I think I isolated the problem to a couple of wires. Ordinarily they were bundled together on the dell, but they are different colors and I believe fewer on the cooler master. Hey plug into a grup of 5 x 2 pins labeled 'fp1' and are a red and white pair of wires named h.d.d. Led, ad pair of blue and white wires labeled reset sw, and two individual wires, one teal and one white labeled pow led - and pow led +. Between them i can't cover every pin like the dell set does. Does anyone have any idea how to fix e issue?
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  1. The important ones are power switch and reset switch, the leads you do not need. You did not mention power switch!! What you need to do is find out what matches those on the Dell case.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I have the power switch plugged into another set of pins with the text PWRSW1, which seems to share a pin set with a regular USB power pin set. Should I migrate it over to the other pins with the reset, and is there a particular order as I can't find a manual and it's not color coded?
  3. Usually the power switch is on the same connector as all the leds and reset switch. Often it is in small letters on the board itself by the connector.
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