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Hello everyone this is I've come up with so far. Can anyone beat these prices all from newegg.

[MBDASUCRS01A] AMD Socket AM3 ;Phenom™II /Athlon™II /Sempron™ 100 Series Processors AMD 140W CPU Support AMD Cool 'n' Quiet™ Technology $284.63

Asrock ASRock X58 Extreme6 M/B - Intel X58 + ICH10R, DDR3 2000 (OC), PCI-Ex16, RAID, GbE LAN, 8ch Audio, ATX [X58-EXTREME6] $250

Corsair Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 DIMM RAM $52.81 per stick

AMD AMD PHENOM II X6 1090T 6 Core 3.2GHz 9MB Cache Black Edition [HDE00ZFBGRBOX]

Intel Intel Core i7 2600K 3.4GHZ TURBO, 8M Cache [BX80623I72600K]
Intel Core i7 2600K -INTEL CORE i7 2600K i7 2600K -INTEL CORE i7 2600K PROCESSOR 3.4GHZ TURBO, LGA1155 8M CACHE i7 2600K -INTEL CORE i7 2600K i7... (F) $330.34

Nvidia XFX PCIe HD6990 4GB 830MHz [HD-699A-ENF9]
XFX PCIe HD6990 4GB 830MHz ** Dual GPU Card ** GPU Clk: 830MHz, Stream Pro: 3072 Outputs: DVI DL / 4x mDP Memory: 4096MB DDR5 256bit @ 5000MHz $737.07

Gigabyte Gigabyte ATI 6970 OC 2 PCI-E 2.1 2GB 256-bit GDDR5, 920/5500 MHz, 2x DVI, HDMI, DP, DX11, Fan [GV-R697OC2-2GD] $404.98

If any one has suggestions I'm up for making changes.

Many thanks in advance.

PS: This is for 2 systems 1 for AMD / Intel
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  1. wait so you already have an intel rig? what processor?
  2. Get an am3+ mobo to be compatible with the new amd cpus not released yet. Your intel mobo is not compatible with your intel cpu. Ram is cheaper in pairs. And everything can be lower price when buying in combos.

    Fill this out so we may help you pick better parts for your needs.

    One more thing, do you live by a microcenter?
  3. Hey Lukums, I think I've helped you out before correct? Anyway, I can decimate those prices. Especially since your Intel build isn't compatible :D
    But first, some suggestions.
    -Swap to 2500k. Acts identically in gaming.
    -Get 2x 6950's. Will blow away almost anything else.
    -Get some cheaper ram. There's some G.Skill ram on sale right now, faster stuff and $40 cheaper!

    I assume this is something you made on Cyberpower or similar? If not, you have amazing formatting.
  4. he wants an amd rig. but here is a tri crossfire rig that will blow that amd system away

    this is a build that i built for this competition:

    Intel i5 2500k: 220$

    SAPPHIRE PURE Black P67: 230$

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 8GB (2 x 4GB): 75$

    MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II Radeon HD 6950 2GB: x3=840$

    Samung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD: 60$

    Corsair Force Series 3 120GB: 210$

    IN WIN Ironclad: 120$

    PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 950W: 150$

    CORSAIR CWCH60 Hydro Series H60: 70$

    ASUS 24X DVD Burner: 21$

    Total: 1996$
    change the dvd drive to this one- -2$

    type in this promo code at checkout for the ram- DM15JN11US -11.25$

    after rebate the ssd is 180$ -30$

    +20$ for the case's shipping

    -25$ for the psu's rebate

    change the cpu cooler to the noctua nh-d14 +5$-

    change the motherboard to this one- +25$

    that should still be under 2000$
  5. He didn't say he wanted AMD. And the 3rd 6950 is all but wasted. 2x 6970's are better IMO.
  6. striker410 said:
    He didn't say he wanted AMD. And the 3rd 6950 is all but wasted. 2x 6970's are better IMO.

    look at the last line of his post.

    thanks for the info about the 3 6950's. i thought that was the case. its fun to dream though
  7. He wants 2 rigs, 1 with intel, another with amd. I'm not exactly sure why the change but this is his other post. Appearantly he's loaded.
  8. Oh wow, yes he is. And I missed the PS at the bottom. Thanks for the correction K1114.
  9. it is only wasted if you have a low resolution. is that what you mean? because it is used in some extremely high resolution setups-
  10. striker410 said:
    Oh wow, yes he is. And I missed the PS at the bottom. Thanks for the correction K1114.

    no thanks to me? thats cold man, i pointed it out first!
    j.k. :D
  11. Ahh, it's not as bad as I thought. Even still, I'd rather go GTX 570x2 or 6970x2 as I can't see there being a big drop in performance.
  12. well its too bad they dont test 2 way crossfire on the same monitor setup as the tri crossfire setup. that would tell us
  13. I'll do some digging. I'm sorta intrigued now :lol:
  14. Well there is this article.,2865.html But no doubt his original idea of a 6990 is out of the window.
  15. Thanks for the link HERE WE GO!

    Approximate Purchase Date: 25th of June 2011

    To clarify I'm making 2 rigs 1 AMD which I know nothing! about I won't even bother pretending the other Intel perferably low cost but as someone else said a BANG for a Buck.

    If anyone is aware on Aion high detail HD demand they will know what I'm after and what I'm trying to achive I've been researching a 6 monitor array for a while now and seeking if anything can handle 6 monitors with 55-60FPS high detail for advance gaming.

    Budget Range: 1,500 for Intel 800 for AMD


    System Usage from Most to Least Important: GAMING GAMING GAMING I didn't know there was anything else we could do on computers...

    Parts Not Required: Keyboard mouse, speakers,

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg but if you can supply a better one please do!

    Country of Origin: Australia - happy to order parts over seas

    Parts Preferences: Honestly don't care

    Overclocking: Yes - But I'm leaving it stock if that makes sense to anyone having a water system only for looks - I'm aware of the extra costs and hassles but that's what I want.

    SLI or Crossfire: 100% yes

    Monitor Resolution: 6 array montior display eyefinity - Already have the 22" monitors and stand

    Additional Comments:
  16. intel i5 2500k 220$-

    Kingston HyperX 8gb 57$-

    GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD3P-B3 178$ Shipped-

    IN WIN BUC 85$- this case was rated very highly by jonny guru

    Scythe Mugen 3 52$- new version of the scythe mugen 2

    Lite-On Dvd Burner 19$-

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB HDD 60$-

    Corsair Force 3 120gb ssd (vertex 3) 180$-

    Pc Power and Cooling 750w PSU 85$-

    MSI R6950 Twin Frozr II x2= 560$-
    Total=1496$ shipped w/m.i.r.

    there is a promo code for ram on newegg which would bring the price of ram after m.i.r. to 46$
  17. also why would you want 2 computers why dont you just build 1 bad*** intel rig
  18. mjmjpfaff said:
    also why would you want 2 computers why dont you just build 1 bad*** intel rig

    The bad ass intel rig would be this,

    i7 2600k sandy bridge
    2x6990 + 1 6970
    Fatality 67 or the UD7 board
    8GB 1600hz corsair dominator! ( I like the red )
    2 Gigabyte fans on top of the cards.
    Silverstone heatsink with 2 tubes for WC
    OC to 4.8 1.48v-1.5

    Problem is I don't find a need OC, money is not a concern the concern is if I need it to do what I want 6 monitor array
  19. what would the extra 6970 be for?
  20. Shits n giggles, but possibly to run 3 monitors on each as stated in my previous post I'm attempting to reach 50 FPS in aion HD
    as far as my research is taking me so far it's been said it's not possible.
  21. 3 monitors for which card/cards?
  22. And I don't think you can 5-fire lol...
  23. I have high doubts that the 1 card could not possibly support 6 monitors on HD at 50FPS anyway getting a bit off topic.

    I'll leave it up to Tom's Hardware.

    Tell me what to buy within reason for a beast machine.

    Go for your lives.
  24. i dont get the 6970 i think he's going for a physX card..... but thats nvidia i thought......
  25. mjmjpfaff said:
    i dont get the 6970 i think he's going for a physX card..... but thats nvidia i thought......

    What I've heard is if you notice lag or fps drops you can imput another card to take the stress but keeping them in sync with eyefinity, please correct me if I'm wrong but this was my idea seeing as there is no way a 400 dollars 6970 will support what I'm trying to achive
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