Upgrading from 9800GT

So I'm out in the market for a new GPU to go along with my new rig, i5-2400/4GB RAM/500GB/650w OCZ ModxStream.
So I found someone who is selling a used EVGA GTX 470 for around $190, I'm wondering is that a good deal?
Are there any other options I can look into? I'm looking to spend more than $200 after taxes on the card itself and I live in Canada.
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  1. That's the worst deal I've seen this month.

    Get a GTX460 1gb (336 processor cores not 288 version) or a GTX560ti, not a GTX470, especially a used one.
  2. The 470 is an okay deal IMO if it still has warranty, but I would rather get a new card from the HD6X or GTX5X family.

    For around $200, your options are the 5870($205), 6870(~$205), and 6950($240) from the AMD side, or the 560($230) from Nvidia. Performance wise the stock 6870 is about ~10% worse than the rest at 1080p.

    Depending on if your resolutions high enough, I would strongly recommend the 6950, it has excellent power draws, scales great in CF/Eyefinity and could be unlocked to a 6970.

    But since it seems like you are more comfortable with Nvidia, the 560 is a nice card also, the reference cooler is amazing with a slightly lower power draw compared to the 470. With rebates you can get it down to ~~$200 too.
  3. How about below the $200 threshold?
  4. How much lower?
    the 6850 for ~$175 is pretty much your best bet, or the $150 6790 if you want to shrink the budget even more.
  5. nubsauce101 said:
    How about below the $200 threshold?

    The GTX460 I suggested is well below $200. The GTX560 is around $210 after rebates.
  6. So Geek what's a good price to buy a used 470 for to make it a good deal for me?
  7. I wouldn't buy it at all. It's the original Fermi, runs hot, sucks lots of power, loud.

    I'd get gtx460 1GB or 560ti.
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