Computer Stuck on BIOS Memory Testing.

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I have a custom built PC which recently started to get stuck on the BIOS start screen. Sometimes, it displays the entire phrase "MEMORY TESTING" sometimes only some of the letters. Regardless, it does not go into booting windows.

When this happened approximately a month ago, I cleaned out the computer and reseated the internal components. It started working fine until just a few days ago, when the error started cropping up again.

I have checked the RAM myself and also took it to a local computer repair shop to run a diagnostic. They said the RAM is fine. In fact, the shop said that the computer booted up to windows fine when they tested it. According to the technician, he had to reset the RAM a little and blow out some dust, but that was it.

At the shop, they only plugged in a keyboard, mouse, and ethernet cable. I have a USB mouse and keyboard; 2 printers, an XBox 360 controller and DROBO connected ... all via USB. When I returned home from the tech shop, the computer booted up fine as long as only the keyboard was plugged in. Once I boot up into windows, I can plug in all my usb attachments and they all work fine. I was thinking that if it was a bad usb port, the plugged in stuff should not work either.

Also, the shop said it is not an overheating problem or a power issue as I have a 1000wt power supply and more than enough fans to cool the machine.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  1. Check your BIOS and see if boot from USB is enabled. if so disable it. Then there is quick boot
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