Internet is cutting out intermittenly.

For the record I’m not a networking genius :) This is an issue with Charter Communications Cable. My problem I am having is my internet is slowing down/dropping when I am playing WoW or SCII. This is a serious pain especially when playing a critical roll in an MMO.

My internet will be working just fine for 10 minutes or so, then suddenly it will pop me to like 4k+ MS, or disconnect me altogether. I am not convinced that this is a Blizzard Entertainment or issue because I have had web pages not load from time to time because of this as well, although because this is an intermittent problem, it is not as annoying or noticeable because most sites like Youtube or Hulu buffer the connection.

When this happens, the green lights on my modem (ISP provided) will go from a quick flickering, to barely lighting up at all (which leads me to believe that this is also not my software.) I am normally connected to a Linksys Wireless router, however this morning I completely disconnected the modem from the router, and just connected it directly to my computer. Same issue occurred! :(

A simple solution is to just have my ISP come and look at it; however I was warned if they do not find a problem, or the problem was on my end, I would be charged a $35 dollar service fee. Nice customer support eh? As if I don't pay them enough already! I'm not a fan of just shelling out $35 for nothing. Because this is an intermittent problem, I'm afraid they will take a quick look at it and say, "Yah it's working properly, the service charge will be added to your bill."

I guess my question is: Are there any programs that I can download that can monitor my internet connection and show bandwidth drops so I have proof that the connection is dropping (and maybe record the data)? I’m sure this guy is not going to want to watch me play WoW for 10-15 minutes to prove to him it's dropping. If not, is there another way to prove to him the connection is failing? I am 90% sure this is not an issue with my computer or my cat5 cables as I have switched them out and reset the modem a thousand times. The cable is directly plugged into my ASUS P7P55D-E Pro LGA 1156 Intel P55 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard.
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  1. Well, if the issue continues when connected direct to modem it'd likely to be the modem (presumably ISP supplied) or the incoming (their responsibility). I'd proceed on that basis. If you want to check roughly that it's not your computer or the router connect them and play with the user setup screens -- or use the router to connect to another computer and push some large files back and forth between the two.

    While games make big demands on the system -- you need to make clear to the ISP that you want to use their service for games and that they need to supply a service that's up to it.
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