Wireless netgear 802 11n xp sp2 speed drops to 11mbps?

I recently installed a netgear n300 usb wireless adapter to a siemens desktop running XP Home SP2. This is connected to a n150 netgear router b/g/n capable.

On boot of PC, the speed initially clicks at circa 130Mbps but then gradually drops to 11Mbps.

I cant understand why this is happening. Previous router / adapter used to connect at 54Mbps (g).

Acer netbook and iPhone connect @ 54Mbps. Neither of these are n capable devices.

WPA2-PSK in use for all 3 devices.

Can anyone help troubleshoot why the WLAN connection wont connect any quicker than 11mbps?

Minimal interference and distance between adapter and router is short

Signal strength received is excellent.

Would upgrading OS help resolve. Are there any hotfixes that would resolve?
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  1. Under the network card properties you should be able to configure the network speed of the network card to 54mbs and/or to G-only mode.
  2. WZC controls adapter and I have checked that it is open for mixed networks

    Can't understand why it initially connects at around 130 and then stabilises at 11Mbps?
  3. try setting it to G-only and if possible set the connection speed to 54mbs
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