ATI 6870 , 30FPS from Crysis warhead ! is it Fine ?

Hi Guys I recently Bought MSI 6870 Twinfrozr 2 , i Expected to See all Games run Very Smoothly , let m lIts my SYSTEm specs
Mobo: MSI790FX-GD70 CPU:Phenom 955 BE Ram:2x2GB DDR3 1333Mhz


I ran EVERY game Maxedout very Smoothly , at 1440x900 res . for example Mafia 2 Ran about more than 70 FPS . i have few Problems !

Crysis 2 ran on 70 FPS maxedout , but Crysis Warhead : when i Look Near Distance FPS is 70 ! but when i look at Very Far Distance game runs Little Slower , it doesnt Lag , it just run 20 Fps slower or More ! i reduced aa from 8x to off , nothing CHanged . It CPU Bottleneck ? & i should Get Larger Monitor ?
2.will another 6870 ( crossfire Help ) ?
3.what if OC VGA card ?

I am so Confused , lower res means Less Pressure on VGA , but I heard About CPU Bottleneck on Low res , i saw in anadtech that Crysis runs 40 FPs on 19xx res but its Runs Slower on 16xx res .

What should i DOP to solve this Problem ?

all i tried

1. windows xp , win 7 Ultimate 32 bit , 64 bit
2.Catalyst 11.2 , 11.3 , 10
3.Defragment , game Booster , Reg Cleaner ! &...

Is it All should i expect or a Bottleneck Happens ?
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  1. What is your CPU? From the looks of it, it does look like your CPU is struggling to generates the autogen at a distance (CPU bottleneck). But What I don't get is why you don't see it in Crysis which runs the same engine. Can you confirm again that Crysis is not doing the same thing?
  2. What ? i didnt Understand ? what do u mean ?

    Again : my CPU is 3.2 GHZ , 6mB l3 , Phenom 955BE BLACK EDITION from AMD !

    I heard so Much about it , its Great CPU !

    But i felt that 6870 is Too strong & i expected to see Crysis Warhead Runing Smoothly , Crysis 2 Ran Smootly ( about 70 fps Maxedout )

    But Crysiswarhead , second Level ( shore ) , when i wanna Start the Mission , when i look to far Distance FPS drops to 30 , but Close Distance i Get 60 FPS or More !

    ALl setins are Veryhigh , aa 8x , VS off , 1440x900 !

    I Heard about Bottleneck , & all i heard is that Low res Cause CPU to Bottleneck GPU , but Higher Res Makes GPU to Work more & cause less Pressure to the CPU !

    it Only happens with Crysis WARHEAD !
  3. Let explain this things easily

    I realy DOnt know what that Bottleneck is ! MY CPU is Strong enough for My VGA CArd , my VGA card is Great , 920 Mhz Core Clock GDDr5 memory , it Got 7.4 from 7.9 ! Some people Told me that 6870 is Overkill for your res ! u can Easily Play all games maxedout with 5770 too !

    But i get 30Fps in Crysis warhead , if its Overkill then Crysis Should run Much faster .
    Maybe it is my Low res ( 1440 ) , but Higher Res will make games slower ( its natural thing that everyone knows )

    I was thinking about Crossfire to Solve this Problem , but IS nt MY system already too strong for my Res ?

    Some one Please explain !
  4. OK , please dont go I might need u again
  5. Which part should i Read to Solve my Strange problem ?
  6. They are great ! But i am Not Planing on Reduce my Setings to any Lower !

    I Bought Great Card & CPU & i WANNA Enjoy ! I am sure there is a Problem
    Bottleneck , or SMothing !
    read the Things I wrote Up there ! More Carefully !
  7. crysis is not really dependant on cpu as long as you have a core 2 duo or better, which you have. I have just bought crysis recently and it runs fine at 1440x900 on my 8800gts with details set to high, except for post processing because it looks *** with that turned on. i just enable 2xaa through the nvidia control panel. What you should do first is set everything to high only and disable AA and see how it runs. The game runs on my rig without dipping below 25fps and is generally 30+fps so it should run significantly better on yours. if it isnt then there is a problem somewhere.
  8. Wait, I got you now. After I reread the post, I notice that you have posted the cpu spec, sorry. Also I notice that you are comparing Crysis 2 and Crysis Warhead, not crysis and crysis warhead. Ok, the performance drop in crysis warhead that you don't observe in crysis 2 is probably because of:

    They run on different engine.
    Crysis 2: Cryengine 3 and it is a console port with DX9.
    Crysis Warhead is not a console port and has DX 10 runs on cryengine 2.

    Crytek did mention that Crysis 2 is easier on the hardware, they say it is "optimized" compared to crysis (because it is a console port). The map is tiny with minimum autogen is crysis 2 because it is in confined city landscape as oppose to the free landscape with numerous tree that you get in crysis. And in max setting, it will generates all of the autogen within you field of view (that is many km of space).

    That is all I can think of.
  9. Warhead is more demanding than Crysis 2. You probably set all settings to Enthusiast, right? That's taxing for any GPU. Then you added 8xAA. I don't think it's weird at all.

    Also, notice that AnandTech only runs at Gamer Quality + Enthusiast Shaders + 4xAA. You run at Enthusiast Quality + 8xAA.
  10. OK I ran Fraps again & they show me 40 FPS , my Setins were 8xAA , 1440x900 , all Enthusiast Quality ( FUlly Maxedout) , i get 40 FPS or Higher but far Distance it Goes to 39 EVEN ,

    I turned aa off & i gained about 3 or 4 FPS , but when i set everything to Gamer Quality I get 50 FPS or More .

    But the problem is Something else , even 40 FPS Looks Little Slow , its not always 40 fps , for example in first level when i come down to the beach when i look behind ( to the Hills ) game gets Slower ) & near Distance are Pretty Fast !

    I realy Dont know what to do ! I realy dont wanna lower my Setings ! Because I payed High enough for new Rig ! MY 6870 is not 900 MHZ its 920 Mhz , I , I realy Dont expect 40 FPS !!!
  11. OK OK , Let me Tell u something , what if I Buy Another 6870 ? Performance should will go much Higher BUT ! i have few problems

    1.i realy Dont know if my CPU can fully Handle Crossfired 6870 ! ( its Phenom 955 BE )
    2.My CPU runs Hot Enough when i play Crysis 2 or GTA EFLC ( 60C ) so how it will be on 2 x6870
    3.My Res is pretty Low ( 1440x900 ) so I think i will get Huge Bottleneck from CPU .
    4.& at last , My PSU is 80+ S , 50A , 685W REAL , Crossfire & SLI ready ! Will it Handle it
    5.what about My Mobo its MSI790FX-GD70 , with 4 PCI Lanes for VGA ! quad Crossfire 2VGA =on 16 x & 4 vga = on 8x !

    SO These things Mean that i WILL get Worse Performance with Crossfired 6870 right ?

    Thanks Pyree for Reading my Words Carefully , Keep doing Good Job !
  12. Since changing quality settings don't have an effect on your framerate, we can conclude that you have a CPU bottleneck. I agree that your resolution is kinda low, so it's more likely to suffer from a CPU bottleneck. Have you tried overclocking your CPU? That's a BE after all, so you have an unlocked multiplier. that should help your situation a bit.

    We suspect that you have a CPU limitation, so I suggest you don't buy another graphics card. That might actually lower performance, because of the additional overhead of an additional card.

    Since you seem to be interested in a second 6870, why not buy a 24" 1920x1080 monitor instead? that way, you have a bigger screen, and you'll get to enjoy that 6870 some more. 1440x900 doesn't need crossfire at all, in my opinion.
  13. Will biger Monitor , higher The FPS ! by Solving the Bottleneck of CPU ?

    WHat kind of res will 100% solve CCPu Bottleneck ?

    & atlast , why this Bottleneck happens ? isnt my CPU strong enough ?
  14. PLEASE ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOVE , They are too important , because choosing the Res that some how solve fps but not Cause vga a huge Pressure is Little Bit hard , low res = bottleneck high res = natrual Lag of VGA , so whats the middle of it ?
  15. I shouldn't have to tell you this but...

    * Bump posts,

  16. chernobyl1986 said:
    Will biger Monitor , higher The FPS ! by Solving the Bottleneck of CPU ?

    WHat kind of res will 100% solve CCPu Bottleneck ?

    & atlast , why this Bottleneck happens ? isnt my CPU strong enough ?

    Well since you are running at quite a low resolution, and turning off AA from 8x is giving only 3-4 fps, it seems like the CPU is just not keeping up with the GPU, meaning your CPU is running flat out and your gpu is twiddling its thumbs waiting for information. Increasing resolution will not give you more FPS, but it probably wont make FPS lower. I dont see this being the case as any modern core 2 duo at 3ghz should not cause a bottleneck with crysis. But to really rule out this problem you need to overclock your cpu to see if FPS increases. You should be able to get that cpu to at least 3.5ghz on stock cooler without it overheating, or at least temporarily to test this problem.
  17. If you increase your resolution, for example to 1680x1050 or 1920x1080, you will most probably get lower framerates, but not drastically so. It's just so that the GPU will have more things to do and balance the CPU-GPU load.
  18. Mousemonkey said:
    I shouldn't have to tell you this but...

    * Bump posts,


    Ah , sorry what do you mean by saying ( dont Bump Posts ) .
  19. Wait a sec

    1.Crysis need's only 2 Cores , i have Quad core 3.2 Ghz CPU ! its too much for it ! CPU running to Hot ( about 60C ) with stock cooler , so if i OC it then it will Burn !

    I realy cant Understand this thing ! WHy this bottleneck happens ?

    OK thing that Confuse me a lot is that , i have Great system but i get low Fps , some sday its because of Res that has Limited cpu , so for solving CPU bottleneck i should Get biger Monitor ( biger res ) to Solve Bottleneck & let FPs go higher , but you guys say it wont help because higher res will cause more pressure to GPU & = Low FPS again !

    SO WHAT IS THE SOLUTION ! I HAVE GREAT QUAD CORE CPU with GREAT VGA . i get 70fps in crysis 2 , i get 70-90Fps in Mafia 2 .

    Only games i had problem are : ARMA 2 : which runs fast but when i Higher View Distance & AA game goes Little Slower & it runs 30 FPs at City !
    Metro 2033: ran SO fast on DX9 , Not bad on DX10 & Slow on DX11 !
    ( rest of the Setings Maxedout )

    I AM SURE THAT MY VGA IS TOO STRONG TO HANDLE THESE GAMES , SOMETHINg Happening ! crysis warhead ran Slower on XP than 7 , can u believe it !!!
    Crysis Warhead is not Running with same FPS during gaming !

    Some times i get 60 Fps , Car Blow so fast & nice , but som,e times , game just go down to 40 or 35 ( specialy When i look at Far Distance !!!! )
    OH GOD , SOME ONE , HELP ! i realy dont wanna OC my CPU !
  20. 1.Crossfire = no way because i have low res
    2.OC CPU = cant , because cpu currently Running hot enough ( 60C ) while gaming !
    3.Biger res , will solve Bottleneck but will naturally Lower FPS ! because VGA handles lower res easier than higher ones !
    4.oc GPU = no , because its already great
    5.Reinstall windows , Defragment , gamebooster, close addi... services ! higher Priorty = i tried everything !

    these ways are ( useless ) any more Help ?
    maybe you can help me fix this bottleneck by Change some setings in Cat . control panel or Some where else !

  21. 1. Yes, don't crossfire for now. It's obvious that you have a CPU bottleneck, so crossfire won't help at all here.
    2. For your CPU, you can get a new cooler. 30$ for the Hyper212+, it's a great cooler. Just make sure it fits in your case.
    3. Going to a higher resolution means putting more load on the GPU, which will balance the load a bit. Of course FPS will go down, but that's the cost of going higher.
    4. Correct decision, wrong reason. You shouldn't OC the GPU right now because you have a CPU bottleneck. Even if you get the fastest quad-crossfire setup out there, your CPU will hold you back.
    5. That won't help, so don't do it.

    I'll try to come up with a different explanation for your framerate loss, because I admit it's a bit weird. But for now, if you don't do number 2 or 3, then I'm afraid there's nothing more we can do for you.
  22. The problem is your CPU, Intel > Amd
  23. ^
    Although Intel is performing better right now, it doesn't mean AMD is bad. The 955BE was a great alternative to the i5-750 back then, since it cost less. Besides, a quad core is nothing to sneeze at, and will not be a bottleneck for most people.
  24. chernobyl1986 said:
    Ah , sorry what do you mean by saying ( dont Bump Posts ) .

    We've had this before with a couple of your other aliases and so I'm not going to go over old ground again.
  25. OK , i Have Great systems & u say if i get Greatest CPU ( like i7 or better ) ill have bottleneck problem again .


    1.Kill Bottleneck 2. LEt VGA DO its Real job

    SO IF HIGHER RES IS THE ONLY WAY TO SOLVE THE FPS LOCKING ! then why u say that FPS might go lower if Res gets higher ?

  26. ITS DEAD END I think , because no way left to TRY !
    SYSTEM is Great , but it doesnt work because of CPU limitation & even great quad core cant fix it because CPU limitation refers to my low res & CPU ! res limits CPU & cpu Limits GPU & GPU Limits FPS & finally Game turn into slowmotion !

    In other Hand , if i higher the Res i will let my GPU work more & that means that there will be nothing to Limit My CPU so my SYSTEM can go as high as it Wants , BUT u guys say even higher res wont help ! so what wILL !!

    TOO STARNGE , no ? u have GREAT SYSTEM , system that can fully Cover ur Needs but u cant enjoy it !
    SO WHAT REALY CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM if i cant do these :
    crossfire, oc cpu or GPU , get better cpu , higher res, system boosting , & ... !


  27. Mousemonkey said:
    We've had this before with a couple of your other aliases and so I'm not going to go over old ground again.

    Sorry , i just needed Fast Answer I realy DIdnt enjoy of the Name that i choosed !

    & i made the second or third to Explain my Problem Better ! I am so sorry !
    This time i gonna Make New Account & that will be my Last one , because i canT keep Going like this ! :D Sorry !
  28. I never said that OC won't help. I'm saying that it WILL help your situation. You should OC your CPU, not your GPU. It's a CPU bottleneck, so improvements in CPU performance will increase overall performance.

    If you keep being stubborn and keep saying "It's already a great system I don't need to do anything", then I guess it's a dead end for you. But if you take our advice and try to OC your CPU, you will see some performance improvements.

    Again, you can OC your CPU to help alleviate the bottlneck.

    Or, you can play at a higher resolution, so your GPU has more things to do.
  29. OH OK thats Great i will try but

    OCing My CPU equals with Buying Stronger CPU , right ? IF i buy Stronger CPU its like i oced my CPU because i need higher CPU performance

    OK BUT LISTEN , MY CPU IS RUNNING HOT ENOUGH ! 60C while playing game , Ifor now i cant Buy Cooler , u think i still have chance to rise the Clock without Cooler ?

    Temp wil go Higher & it s Dangerous , !! help ME to DO Best forme SYSTEM ! i dont wanna disappoint my Parents ! They expected as muh as i did ! because they paid High ENough for this !

    I can Borrow a Monitor which is 20 Inch & 16xx X xxx do u think that will be good or I have to look for Bigger Monitor ? & last question , WILL Higher Res Fully Remove Bottleneck ? or will still have Few Bottlenecks then what is the Way to Solve second Bottlenecklkkk !!!

    PLEASE ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONs , one is conserned to VGA & another is about CPU ! thanks
  30. No. OCing (Overclocking) your CPU doesn't mean buying a new one. You'll just run the CPU at a higher speed.

    The cooler is only to help with your temps.

    The higher resolution will not remove the bottleneck. It will only give your GPU more work, and will potentially lower your framerate.
  31. gracefully said:
    No. OCing (Overclocking) your CPU doesn't mean buying a new one. You'll just run the CPU at a higher speed.

    The cooler is only to help with your temps.

    The higher resolution will not remove the bottleneck. It will only give your GPU more work, and will potentially lower your framerate.

    I thought you meant something else the previous post you mentioned it. However, you do appear to know what it does by this post :)
  32. BRO-

    overclock your cpu and get a better gpu the 6870 by itself is a little weak for any crysis game imo, then you can "EMNJOY" THANKS BRO!

    Thanks bro- later bro
  33. OH Bro , wait a sec , ATI 6870 isnt Strong Enouhg it self to handle Crysis ?
    I REALY CANT UNDerstand ! Mafia 2 & GTA IV & LC & CRYSIS 2 & ... ran about 70FPS . & IT CANT HANDLE CRYSIS WARHEAD ?

    so ur words means that i should do Crossfire , which is Crazy ! i cant !
  34. no forget crossfire just get a stronger card like a gtx 580 and rock n roll

    I heard bottleneck is caused by Low res ONLY ! so if i set my Res Higher then WHY Bottleneck Wont Be Removed !

    PLEASE EXPLAIN with etails that WHY I GET 35-40FPS ! & WHY THIS BOTTLENECK happens which part is the Source Problem , is there any hardware that realy dont match with together !!!???

  36. jjb8675309 ! IF I ALREADY HAVE this unknowen Bottleneck tehn i wont BE able to
    Crossfire or go for Stronger GPU ! because i feel that my VGA is not working at its real potential ( 100% ) ! BUT WHY IS THIS HAPPENING , hey dear memebers ! please dont forget to EXPLAIn the Bottleneck thati am geting !
  37. I give up. You guys handle this. :)

    It points to a CPU bottleneck, that much I'm sure of.
  38. Dadiggle , i tried Lower CHnage AA & i can see Difference , Game runs Faster when off , as low as i go Game Runs faster , but MY MAJOR LAG is Happens when i am Looking to very Fasr Distance ,its Slow Down & not lag !

    For example first level whne i look at the Ships , they Blow so fast with no lag but mouswe movment on near distance is so Much faster than Far distance !

    & WHAT is AF ?
  39. OK here is the Results of FPs :

    irst thing i Couldnt Get a Normal FPS , its Crazy , i can get 30 fps , 50 fps , 60 fps , 25 fps in few Seconds !

    OH MAN it ws too hard to get normal fps out of that Game !

    aa 8x = 32-37 aa4x=38-40 off= 39-45

    For example when i look at the Rocks Nearby or Sky or Close Distance Game can go even 50-60Fps !
    But very far Distance i get 28 even !

    ITS LIke CPU Doesnt Load the Game in time or its GPU !
    because , let me explain you , i am going & for a while i look back Game Freezes for a sec then it run fine , when 3 or 4 enemies are Nearby game run FAST & SLow rapidly ! far distance , fps wont go higher !
  40. gracefully said:
    I give up. You guys handle this. :)

    It points to a CPU bottleneck, that much I'm sure of.

    It's not the explaining that's the problem, it's the lack of understanding that this guy has with any and everything that's been said or will be said to him.
  41. Hey you meant Me ? BE LIKE moderator ! dont Insult ME please ,
  42. chernobyl1986 said:
    Hey you meant Me ? BE LIKE moderator ! dont Insult ME please ,

    That's amusing considering the amount of times you've insulted me in your various guises! :lol:
  43. I understood Everything , only Thing i cant Understand is the Cause of bottleneck !
    so high res should remove Bottleneck but u guys dont confirm that
  44. SO now u know me !! ok Man i knew it , the Tone of u reminds me of those days . OK BUT now they Gone , u said u wont go back to OLD GROUND again ! am i right ?
  45. Insofar as explaining anything to you, no I won't.
  46. This thread is going nowhere. You were banned with your previous accounts because you violated forum rules and insulted moderators here.
    Tom's forums is a place to help people not other things.
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