Comp boots for 3 seconds and turns off

i5 750
msi p55 gd65
g.skill trident 1600 2x2gb
gigabyte gtx460 1gb
corsair 650 modular

Had the rig for a year now.

Had BSOD of memory management + bad pool header each at random times, but this only occurred on the first system start up. after a system shutdown for 5 seconds, then turn on the comp for the second time, comp will run sweet.

This has been recurring over the year

2 days ago my windows 7 will get stuck on black windows 7 loading screen, windows repair will get stuck at the first blue screen page, and safe mode will get stuck when its loading the default driver list.

Did a fresh format reinstall and it worked for 1 night.

now the comp will turn off and shutdown itself after 3 seconds. then turn itself on again to only shut itself off after 3 seconds.

sometimes it wont even turn itself back on, sometimes on for 3 seconds then off until i power it up manually.

Troubleshooting that I have tried-
memtest both ram sticks, and both individually to get no errors (this was few weeks ago when it was still BSOD on first startup)
gave the case a total clean to get rid of dust that may cause overheating
tried booting with single slot of ram
No beeps at all, never heard the mobo beep when it was working either, maybe no buzzer
tried using a new hardrive
Taken mobo out of case onto my mobo box, with the 2 main connectors plugged in, same 1-3 second on and turn off
i have tried my old PSU which is like 5 years old running my old rig fine and same issues with the new system

can any1 else had the same problem?

i dont use any additional devices on the computer besides the dual screen monitors , keyboard + mouse
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  1. also i have tested my cpu, its running warm-hot after 3 seconds without fan. indicating its still working/calculating
  2. my money would be on a bad component on the motherboard. resistors are most of the time easy to spot when they go bad, they leave a burn mark on them.
    capacitors either leak out the bottom or bulge out the top. just type in "bad capacitor" into google image search for pics of this. a good capacitor is flat on top.
    there is a good chance something died and you wont be able to see it.
    you could find a place that lets your return motherboards for money back rather than store credit and buy your mobo there. if it fixes your system keep it if not return it.
  3. my capacitors look fine, they arent leaking or domed. google msi p55 gd 65 images and the capacitors are all flat and clean
  4. Unplug power ac from psu, Remove battery mobo , wait 10 minutes, Reseat RAM , put it back battery,
    try update bios :

    install OS again, get latest driver vga
  5. the problem is its a year and 1 month old, i think its passed it warranty, also i cant find the receipt for it! i can find receipts for everything else just not the mobo. sad days

    I dont mind changing the mobo, im worried that if i change the mobo and it has the same problem.
  6. Also download driver chipseta, sound, realtek and other in msi site. Good luck brother
  7. it has the latest bios update, i did it a few months ago, thought it may fix that reoccurring BSOD i kept getting on initial boot.
  8. it has all latest motherboard drivers, realtek and latest nvidia drivers for my gfx card.

    I did them all on the fresh install that works for 1 night.
  9. reply to henydiah, removed the battery and put 1 ram stick in, placed battery back in only get the same issue
  10. no1 can help?
  11. reseat your CPU and last option get new Mobo .. sorry i can help anymore
  12. MSI warranty in most places is 2 years. Time for a RMA.
  13. Sounds like a hardware malfunction on the motherboard itself.
  14. k took the battery out reset cmos and my system started working again but only the motherboard post msgs,

    when it gets boot windows it gets stuck at the black screen with the windows logo in the middle.

    tried windows repair, stuck at black loading screen

    safe mode = stuck at load driver list

    at least it has stopped restarting itself every 3 seconds, so did a reformat and installed with a different windows 7 cd

    everything worked for a day... went out and came back turn on the computer and same issues
  15. Rma your board or get new
  16. new update, it loads into windows 7 now, but everything lags like ***,

    open firefox not responding for like a few minutes,
    click refresh on desktop, all the click commands come in like 1 burst after a minute or so,
    try to shutdown = logging off for 10 mins until i get fed up and force shutdown

    I have long generic, short generic and S.M.A.R.T seagate tools both my 1tb hardrives with no errors what so ever
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