ARGGH.First PC Build.. Stuck in the mud.

I try following the directions, plug what I can into each spot. I turn my power supply on. The fans and leds go on, it beeps twice, then the little RED led that is the CPU LED flashes and everything shuts down.


No idea where to go about this now.

I originally bought a Noctua ND14 but when I install it the RAM doest fit right and kinda bends so just to see if I could get the thing working I used the crappy stock heat sink.

Here is a video. The first red LED is the RAM, the second is the CPU. When I take out all the ram just to see what happens it turns on and immidiatly off... So thinking the CPU, but then again I have no clue.

P8Z68,i52500K,GTX580,8gb Vengeance ram, 850ax PSU

Video HERE
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