DDR2 or DDR3 on P35C

Hey all,

Wondering if I should go DDR2 or DDR3 on my P35C-DS3R board. I want to overclock a Q6600 in this set up.

For example, could I buy two identical 2 x 2GB DDR2 kits, and put them in the four DIMM slots, to make 8gb? Or do I have to buy a pre-matched 8gb kit?

And which is better for overclocking? DDR2 or DDR3?

- HateDread.
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  1. U had support DDR3 and DDR2 board, But your Q6600 only support DDR2 so go with DDR2, (It's pricy and half the bandwidth of DDR3 but u stuck with that proc)

    U could buy two identical not have to pre-matched one, since it only support dual channel so buying twin 2 piece kits is as good as buying 4 piece kits.
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