Confused!! Connecting Computer to TV

Okay i'm totally confused. Below is what i have:
1 Phillips 42PFL5704D (updated to latest driver on phillips)
ATI Raedion HD 4300/4500 video card (has HDMI, DVI, and vga connections)

I have it connected to two desktop monitors with extended display (so i see both monitors on right now; one is connected through HDMI and the other via VGA).

When i connect the desktop to my TV (Philips TV) and turn on the computer i see the BIOS screen and windows start up screen. However, then it says signal lost.

I used a separate laptop with an HDMI connection and check it on the worked...

I've updated the drivers on my GPU just in case, but I can't figure out what's wrong.

It's especially strange because the HDMI is working right now on my computer display...

Any ideas?

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  1. If you're trying to connect both desktop monitors AND the TV at the same time it won't work, only cards from the 5xxx series and above support 3 simultaneous outputs.
  2. thanks for the info I didn't know that but I'm not tryintg to do that...just using monitors to see where the prob was....I only plan on using the tv...while testing the tv I had one 20 inch monitor and the tv plugplugged in...not more than 2 at any time
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