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My toshiba NB100 netbook had a problem of not powering on and I gave it to an authorized service center. They reported the hard disk had crashed and need to be changed, and was done.

I was able to get the boot screen and so I tried loading windows XP Pro in it. During the installation the netbook powered off.

When I switched it on, it went to the booting menu but suddenly froze with a beep sound. When I tried some time later, it didn't power on at all and so I took the battery out and put it back again, it went to the toshiba splash screen and froze with the same beep sound. This phenomena is seen to be repeated....

Could you please help me trouble shoot this issue?
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  1. the beep could be a hard drive crash or a system board issues. i would try and make a bootable usb stick with some disk tools and see if the hard drive will be see and fdisk and formated. if you cant boot from a bootable usb stick or the hard rive not seen in the bios i would call the serverice company up or the vendor and get the whole unit replaced under warranty.
  2. I am not even about to go to the booting menu, when I press the key to the booting menu, it suddenly stops with the beep. And most of the time it does power on at all
  3. You should try to contact the Toshiba Technical Support for more information about your issue. Please check the following link:

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