Is this a good case for my build?

Case: 60
Toledo 310 Mid Tower ATX (AZZA)

I'm going to have dual GTS 450 and a 990FX mobo. Is this case going to work well for my build? If not, can you find me a better one? (has to be cheap)
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  2. Silvune said:

    Does more fans = better case? Won't it be louder as well?
  3. Better in what way?

    More fans = better cooling

    And yes, more fans usually will make more noise.
  4. In terms of cooling. What about bigger fans? Are bigger fans better than smaller ones?
  5. bigger fans are better because they dont have to spin as fast as smaller ones to push more air.
  6. This is what I would use

    Not a bad complete build here:

    Tho Id prefer to skip the tall RAM heat sinks
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