Does the v6gt or hyper 212+ ?

Which are the Cpu coolers that will fit this case :)

are there any other cpu coolers which will fit in it
sorry :)
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  1. V6gt bettyer than hyper 212+ and fit in case , hmm what kind the case ?
  2. sorry about that :D
  3. its a gigabyte x2 chassis mid tower 185mm wide :) which is the best cooler taht fit in it
  4. are you sure it will fit? the case is 185mm wide and am guessing the mobo takes a bit of space....soo ?
  5. Yep it will fit see dimensi V6
  6. but my case is 7.2 inch that is 185mm wide the v6 is 164mm the mobo wil ltake a bit space...wont the v6 will be a tight fit and maybe push the side panel off :?
  7. Mobo + socket + socket the thickness is not more than 15mm
  8. ohhhk then am gonna buy it then.....but if it doesnt fit :O then wat am i gonna do??? just bump the side panel from inside with a hammer then fit it in? o.O
  9. The dimensions given on newegg with the case will generally tell you the max cpu cooler height. For example, on my HAF 912, it is 175mm, but the whole case is wider than that by a little
  10. ohh so ur saying that v6gt will fit in my case? :D mines 185mm n v6 is 164?
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