Need some upgrade advice (3 years since latest build)

With two changes of graphics cards, I've gotten a lot out of this system for the past three years and I am proud of it. However, two things are showing their age: The mobo and RAM.

These are my specs:

Intel Q9550 OCed to 3.2Ghz
ATI Radeon 5870 2GB Sapphire
640GB WD Caviar
1000W Bronze Roswill PSU
ASUS P5QE Pro (Green Model)

I can't get PC3 RAM with this mobo obviously. It's a decent mobo, but I think I'd like to upgrade it. I know I should be fine a bit longer with the CPU unless someone can give me a compelling argument to go to an i7 right now. This will also give me an excuse to finally get a good CPU cooler. I'd love recommendations for good mobos that support my CPU. RAM, I usually go with Corsair or Crucial, and as for a CPU custom cooler, I'd like recommendations for that as well. Thanks, guys!
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  1. ^ Why do you want to change that board ? Is it giving any issues ? Overclocking high not possible ?? IMO only a Cooler is needed so that you can overclock that CPU even higher,...
  2. Sticking with the same CPU and just changing motherboard and ram is not going to give any noticeable performance boost. It will be measurable at best.
  3. agreed ^ if you truly want to upgrade... then you'll have to do the entire PC's 'core components' (motherboard + CPU + RAM)
  4. I figured as much. I just wanted to double check if going to an i7 at this time was worth it, but I know my CPU is still amazing. I think I'll just get a new CPU cooler since my current one is a freaking dust magnet. Thanks for your help, everyone
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