Im new to building - $1000-$1500 gaming PC

Intel S1155 Core i5 2500 3.3GHz Quad Core CPU
ASUS S1155 P8P67-M Motherboard B3 Stepping
DDR3 8GB G.Skill 1600MHz PC12800 Ripjaws RAM Kit
1TB Samsung Spinpoint F3 7200rpm 32M SATA HDD
500GB Samsung 7200rpm SATA HDD HD502HJ
NVIDIA GTX560 1GB Gigabyte PCIe Video Card
Antec DF-35 Mid Tower ATX Case (No Power Supply)
Antec 750W Earthwatts Power Supply
Samsung 8x SH-B083L/RSBP Combo Blu-Ray Drive with Lightscribe
Integrated Sound Card
MS Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit OEM
Antec TriCool 120mm Fan, Blue LED Light

GST Inclusive Price: $1384

I do not want to over clock because i dont know how and please try to use easy to understand language :)
also i got a blu ray player in the Disc drive im guessing that means i can watch blu ray movies with a HD tv
and im looking to be able to play most high end games on a good high definition as well as make youtube videos, thats why i have an extra HDD
if you could give me any pointers on what to get or change that would be great :D

also i am a little confused about the motherboard there are so many to choose from?
this is the website i am using id rather stick to using this so please dont suggest any other ones

i really dont know anything about computer parts so i dont want to waste $1400 on nothing thank you so much
email me if you would like to help me any further :D
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    Just as a word of warning about the blu-ray players. It does give you the hardware means to play back blu-ray movies with your HDTV and I believe your graphics card even supports all the required things as transporting the audio over the HDMI but there is a software component to playing back the blu-ray movies and the drives usually only come with demo software for that, if it comes with them at all. So you might end up paying $60-100 more in addition to the cost of the drive to get SW that lets you use the computer blu-ray player for watching blu-ray movies.

    So generally it is cheaper to get a regular separate blu-ray player for your HDTV and stick to a DVD+/-RW for your computer.

    Here are my suggestions on changes:

    As for other things, you should consider the Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3 motherboard it might help with your movie transcoding speed having the Z68 chipset.

    Then also a worth while upgrade would be to get the: Antec CP-850W, it's a special PSU by antec that fits your case selection and has very high quality and features for it's low price.

    Then basically swap out the bluray drive for the Samsung 22x DVD writer.

    And also it's probably worth it to upgrade your video card from 560 to 560 Ti. So NVidia GTX 560 Ti 1GB Gigabyte Overclocked PCIe video card.

    And change the 2nd HDD to another 1TB samsung spinpoint F3 7200rpm 32M SATA HDD, it's a buck cheaper than the 500 GB which is WEIRD.

    End price $1388 with those changes.
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