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We use a HP MediaSmart Home Server for our mobile video business; first generation system used now for 2 years. We use three pc; two to edit on site and one used for viewing raw video by customers. getting disrupted viewing by customers and in the edit machines NOW. Should I build a server or PC to act as a video storage with mapping from each pc or buy a dedicated server. PLEASE advise which is best cost effective; have very limited budget.
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  1. You can go and build something if you like, but ask yourself what has changed that would cause the video to break up on this computer? Higher resolutions, higher bitrate, disk filling up, new applications, viruses? Run Task Manager - I like to see 45 or fewer processes - clean off things you dont need - each one gobbles CPU speed.

    It may be you need something as simple as a bigger hard drive or more RAM....

    You could post the system specs and the video res and bitrate for better help...
  2. Thank you so much for taking time for your comments. The server is the first one out of the box from HP for home-based unit. We thought it would work well with our little back office on the road. The server came with a 512 ram now it has 1 gb. Processor is intel but at 1.6 mgz speed. 4 hard drives at 7200 rpm; 1 is for Microsoft OS for home server 2003; 3 others contain stored video files by club or organization (we are heavy into video recording horse competition). HP server has a gigabit net connection and a e-sata port as well. Three computers used: hp with vista 32 bit 4 mg ram, 1 tb hd, gigabit network connection; gateway vista os 32 bit 4 mg ram 500 gig hd, gigabit network connection; gateway windows 7 64 bit, 6mg ram dd3 1 tb hd, gigabit network connection

    All connected to a CISCO with Qoa gigabit Switch using Cat 6 or better ethernet cable.

    three monitors.....HP 23 inch viewing station by customers via HDMI
    ............................HP 15 inch Editing machine
    ............................Gateway 22" Editing machine

    While watching a playback on the viewing station and simultaneously editing on either of the editing system, playback on viewer is stopped or slows down.

    The only thing that has changed from a time of lets say 1 year ago, we have updated the software to a newer version (Corel Video Pro 4). The slow down happened before in earlier version but not as bad as now. We went back to the old version of software at its doing the same as the new version we think maybe the HP server is telling us its going away or the hard drives. They are, however, of recent vintage Seagates.
    have tried Western digital and no change....
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