ASROCK p67 Extreme4 Gen3 crashed when updating BIOS

I was updating my BIOS in Windows when I got a BSOD. Now the it will just boot loop with a black screen and no posting to the BIOS. Am I hosed? Do I need to contact ASRock to send it back for a repair? I am pretty pissed, this is a nearly brand new board :(
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  1. depends on the bios chip and if there a force flash that the mb vendor put in placed in case of a bad windows flash. never flash bios in easy for a bsod to happen.I alsway use the mb dos feature.some mb do have a bios recovery built into them..some mb now have two bios. i would start by putting the bios flash file on a usb stick and plugging the stick in (fat 32 formated stick). I would also put the flash file on a cd and put it into the cd-rom. I would hold the clear cmos button for a few sec and then watch to see if the mb trys to read the cd or usb stick.
  2. found on your mb web page they do have a bios recovery it putting the flash file on a usb stick and hitting f6 when powering up the pc. if not try hitting f2.
  3. If you just bought it, RMA it to the seller.
  4. I have to agree, never update your BIOS from Windows...only from the BIOS and then only after Loading the Defaults.

    Sorry, you're going to need to contact ASRock -- they might have the option to 'user replaceable' the BIOS (EEPROM) chip, otherwise if possible see if they offer 'Cross-Shipping' to expedite an otherwise ~30 day process.

    To my knowledge booting from the ASRock DVD or AMIBOOT.ROM FDD or other 'recovery' methods don't work on ASRock MOBOs.
  5. Asked this earlier and still am curious, why do people feel compelled to mess with their BIOS? If something isnt broke, and soemtimes it is and its a good reason to update a BIOS, but to do it just for chits and giggles is kinda dumb.
  6. I updated my BIOS and the system is more responsive and a few annoyances are now gone; hybrid sleep (S3+S4). In contrast I left ALL of my offices's (11) P6X58D-E with the shipping BIOS because the PC's are flawless -- the shipping BIOS was the 3rd rendition of the BIOS.

    Problem, the newer the MOBO's like the new Z77's are going to have 'BIOS' (UEFI) issues and the first 2-3 BIOS are going to be buggy - period. Therefore, a lot of oddball issues are going to have their roots in the BIOS.

    Early Adopters will need to update their BIOS 9/10 times. Matured & popular selling MOBO's 3-4 months post release 9/10 can leave it alone.

    Now IF everything is 'perfect' then you're a fool to upgrade a BIOS. My X79 runs 'perfect' now -- so I'm done.

    Here's my advice from a longtime ago ->

    Examples 'when to flash':
    1. CPU requires newer BIOS version
    2. Non-OS Instability
    3. Peripherals e.g. 2TB HDD requires new BIOS.
    4. Memory compatibility ; where current RAM is causing errors or stability.
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