65c on prime95: 965 BE

Hello everyone, I ran prime95 for the first time on my 965 BE oc'd to 3.6ghz, It was hitting 64~65c max and I ran it for an hour. The test went fine and no stability issues, I just wanna make sure that hitting 65c on prime95 is safe or do I need to get worried. I have read that prime95 is a worst case scenario stress test and hitting above 62c on amd phenoms is not a big deal, is it true? Thanks in advance
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  1. Over 62 is not good and will certainly shorten your CPUs life, how much noone knows. If you can afford to replace it you could chance it but I suggest you don't.
  2. Normally people like to keep AMD Phenom II CPUs below 55C under max load for stability. Some will run a little higher than 55C. Prime 95, OCCT and Linpack all stress the CPU well and perhaps more than most CPUs will ever be operated. These programs are good for confirming system stability however.

    If you're going to try higher OC'ing you should get a better HSF to control the temps which increase with CPU speed and voltage.

    I believe 62C is the max that you want to go on the 965 CPU. AMD has the max temps listed for each model CPU in the online tech docs.
  3. Get a better cooler or back up on the overclock.
  4. thanks for replying, one more thing i need to know...the default value for the cpu voltage in the bios was 1.45 that was way too high and producing more heat, i brought it down to 1.330 volts and ran prime95 for 2~3 hours, it showed no stability issues. Is 1.33 volts enough at 3.6ghz or do i need to increase it, also how do i know my if my cpu needs more power?
  5. Disabled smart fan cpu in bios, it can little help reduce your heat, also open your case, let open untill you get good cooler, I think you use stock cooler .. It's not good for overclock.
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