Developer's Home PC (i3 2100, ASUS H67M PRO). Thoughts?

I am intending to build a new PC around Early July.

Usage: Web Development & Software Development (mainly). Web Design too. Some recent games I like are Darksiders & Team Fortress 2. I also prefer to watch videos in all its high res glory (so 720p or Blu Ray)

Apps: Ubuntu (main) + Windows 7 Dual Boot. NetBeans, Notepad++, Visual Studio, Virtual Box (Virtual PC for testing mainly). Photoshop. I have always like to learn 3D so I may use Blender or Maya.

Budget: SG$1200 (~USD972)

My Build so far:

- Intel Core i3 2100
- ASUS H67 M PRO $357 (with CPU)
- Kingston 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333 $100
- WD Caviar Black 1TB $120
- Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB 7200rpm $72
- Cooler Master Elite 335 $69
- Cooler Master Silent Pro M 600W $128
- Samsung 24" S24H350 $338
- ViewSonic 21" VX2253mh $249
- Creative T12 $89

$1201 $1064 in SGD

Why I choose some of the components & considerations:

- CPU: Many suggested going the i5 2500K route. But that will mean I will have to get a P or Z series MB with costs quite abit more. Also with the P Series MB, I need to get a GPU. Also from my experience, HDD seems to be mostly the bottleneck
- MB: Low EMI & power savings (anything significant tho?). The reviews are quite good overall
- RAM/HDD: I considered between less RAM + SSD but it will increase budget too ... I suppose? Also, I read abt lifespan of SSD's being shorter and all that TRIM etc stuff
- PSU: Power efficiency, modular, price abit less than Corsair HX650W, reviews abit better too (at newegg at least)
- Speakers: Less space
- LCD: I like a big screen so I dont strain my eyes + I can tile 2 windows side by side. But I wonder should I get the 21"? Same resolution, less cost & space. Perhaps its big enough?

Any ideas?
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  1. Perhaps I can do with Samsung Spinpoint F3 7200rpm 1TB and 4GB RAM?
  2. Thoughts anyone?
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    The prices quoted in USD is wrong. For example i3-2100 and that motherboard cost in total around (125+100) : 225!!

    To play Bluray flawlessly the integrated graphic is enough.
    For games a discrete graphic card will be required. The least would be Radeon 6770 or Nvidia 450 GTS.

    I have no idea what card would be sufficient to allow you work with Maaya or Blender. But the least I know is that they require professional graphic card like FireGL or Quattro.
    I think you won't be getting from newegg and dont' live in US. These parts should be available from wherever you get them albeit little here and there.

    Here's a build assuming you won't be working with Maaya to much.

    CPU : $125-i3-2100. If you have extra money get this one i5-2400

    Motherboard : $90-Asus P8H67 LX

    Power Supply : $65-Antec Earthwatts 650 Watts.(Overkill though)
    This is cheap and more than sufficient for your needs .

    RAM : $38-Gskill (2X2 GB). You won't be needing fancy and high speed RAM as they will clock down to 1333 MHZ when used. Though it's an overkill,In case you need 8 GB get Kingston Ram for $70

    Case: $50- Rosewill Challenger or CoolerMAster Elite 430, whichever you like.

    Optical Drive : $20-Lite ON.( If you need them)

    Storage : $60- Seagate Barracuda 1TB. It's cheap and more than sufficient for your needs.

    Monitor: The monitor which you have selected is overpriced. Here's another cheaper Asus 24" LEDBacklit (1920X1080) at $200

    Total without Graphic Card and speaker: $646
    Here's a thumbnail :

    Speaker : $58-Logitech Z323 2.1.A decent one. However if you don't like you can go your own way.

    Graphic Card : You can use Integrated gaphics to play bluray. However based on your gaming needs and budget you can have any of the following:

    $118-Sapphire 6770

    $145- Asus GTX460 (768 MB)

    $150- Zotac Gtx460 (1GB)

    $160- HIS Radeon HD 6850

    $185- HIS Radeon 6870

    Possible upgrades to consider :
    1. CPU : i5-2400. Quad Core . Non Overclockable. But delivers great performance.

    2. GPU: $250-HIS 6950 2GB or $250 EVGA 560Ti Superclocked

    Any more upgrades will blow your budget.
  4. Thanks @z_4,

    All prices listed are as shown at a local computer hardware price list in SGD. Only those I specified in USD are USD. And yes I wont be getting from NewEgg. So some parts you recommended dont appear on my price list too ... :??: maybe it will be available in other shops tho. I usually go this shop, its more trusted & established

    ASUS H67 LX, Antec PSUs, GSkill RAM, ASUS Monitor is not there ...

    Also I find the 335 case better looking ... The Samsung HDD seems quite highliy recommended here. Also its cheaper than the Seagate. Is the seagate 1 better? Maybe for LCD I get a ViewSonic VX2253mh. Suppose the sound is acceptable, I can do away with Speakers
  5. Seagate is not better but cheaper.Anyway both are reliable. Get Samsung if its available , if not then Seagate

    The Monitor is Good Enough. If you are going to the market to personally buy it, rather than ordering online then try to check whether it satisfies your needs or not.
    Personally with that buget for monitor I'll be expecting atleast 21" monitor , 1920X1080 resolution, LED Backlit.

    Selection of case is of personal taste. Whatever you get ensure its well- ventilated, has some fans, and that all the components can fit comfortably.
  6. Samsung is cheaper in the local store I am looking at.

    That Viewsonic is a 1920 x 1080 LED Backlit LCD
  7. Still looking for opinions
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