How does cpu ussage relate to ram percentage in use

I would like to know how CPU usage relates to RAM used. I can see in my Windows 7 say 42% RAM used while 1% or 3% is the CPU usage.
How does this compute?
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  1. No relationship.

    RAM used relates to how much RAM the OS, programs, service, etc. that are currently loaded use. If all of them are idling, then CPU usage will be low.
  2. ^ As jaguarskx said. Worthy mention: Windows 7 is designed to hog as much memory as possible to keep your experience smooth, responsive and fast. It releases said memory when required by applications, games or programs though so you can always experience the best speed possible with your current hardware.

    Nobody can tell you that "1% of CPU usage is going to take 10% RAM", that's something that depends on the current system status, running apps/games/programs and how CPU intensive these are.
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