Possible overheat of ASUS G73Jh

Looking for a little direction on my laptop freezing up. No BSD or black screen. Everything just freezes. This initially began when I was in RDP for work and now it occurs when I am on the Internet. Very inconsistent though. Sometimes I can go for several hours and other times I can only go for 10 minutes until lockup.

I am thinking it's probably overheat but I am unfamiliar with how to figure out if my various temps are out of range. I downloaded Speedfan and it's showing the HD around a consistent 36C. The Temp1 through each of the four cores are consistently getting into the 50-55C range with a few spikes as high as 68C.

Any recommendations are appreciated.

1.6GB i7 Q720 64bit
8GB memory
ATI Mobility Radeon HD5870
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  1. 68c is too high. Have you noticed if you can use the laptop longer on a desk instead of your lap? I know its ironic, but alot of laptops overheat when on your lap. This is because you cover up the vents on the bottom of the laptop. To solve this, buy a cooling pad:
    This will keep the laptop nice and cool.
    68c is WAY TOO HIGH!!!
  2. Update: Thanks for the response ben. I think this may be solved. I downloaded the latest Realtek audio drivers direct from the website instead of ASUS. I was able to RDP last nite with no hiccups. Also found a couple of sites dedicated to this ASUS model with quite a bit of information about specific issues. Sounds like a cooling pad won't be of value because of the specific nature of the cooling design of this unit. Also said he temp is within acceptable range. I'll post back if this doesn't solve the problem. Looks like I need to flash the BIOS too.
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