Buying a graphics card,is it worth bothering

Hello everyone, i'm lookin to buy a graphics card since my old one died.Now the problem is my CPU, it's AMD sempron 3200+ at 1.8 ghz,so i'm wondering would i be able to do some gaming.I'l buy ati radeon hd 5450 1 gb ddr3 and another gig of ram ddr2 667 so my specs will be:

AMD sempron 3200+

2 gb Ram ddr2 667 mhz

ATI radeon hd 5450 1 GB ddr3

Will this run older games such as Far Cry,Battlefield 2,NFS carbon,GTA San andreas on HIGH details,and which never ones will it run at least on LOW details.

P.S i know that the CPU will be bottleneck !!!
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  1. it will probably run them on medium settings. at low resolutions. i would suggest getting a 5570 instead those will surely run your games on high.

    heres my suggestions

    powercolor 5570

    or sapphire 5570
  2. Forgot to mention'i had nvidia 7300 GS(it died) and it ran some games pretty good for example:

    -San andreas -medium details,1024 resolution
    -Unreal 2003 - high details,1280 resolution
    -Most wanted - medium details,1024 resolution
    -Fear - medium to low,1024 resolution
  4. I'd be inclined to go 5570 as well, but it depends on your budget. If a new CPU is not on the horizon (even a cheap 2.0ghz+ dual core) then maybe stick with the cheaper 5450.

    If the 7300GS was on the same CPU then this should be a decent step up and (especially on older games) you should be able to put the details up a bit.
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