Best AM3+ board for me?

I am not an enthusiastic gamer, however I do game from time to time. I do not plan on running more then one or two video cards (possible upgrade in the future) My main focus is RAM and CPU. I am in music production and recording and does demand high processing power. Programs such as Cubase5 and Protools, along with extensive VST's (Toontrack's Superior Drummer , GuitarRig5, etc).

I am planning on getting an the 8120FX. And 1 stick of 8gb DDR3 RAM for now.

I am just having trouble selecting the best board for my needs. I do not need an 990FX board because it has a lot of features that I would not use or require.

990X would be more suiting? Please help.

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  1. This Asrock FX board is the same price as the cheapest X board from the competition
  2. Is ASRock a decent company? Even if it is a little cheaper? I just dont want it to die after a month or something haha
  3. They have been pushing into the enthusiast market with good prices and features, about the most recommended brand on this forum. They certainly are a established company.
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