Patriot vs OCZ vs Corsair

I am buying a 17" Macbook Pro. I would like to add memory and would like to know whether to use Corsair or Patriot memory.
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  1. Either will work fine if MAC ram
  2. I would not hope for too much in terms of upgrading Macbooks. I would buy something else if you care to upgrade things, Macs just aren't really good when it comes to being upgraded.

    I would skip the OCZ memory, its the worst. They quit making RAM it was so bad. Both the other two are OK, I guess. Neither of them are great brands, but if you are willing to potentially submit to a long drawn out troubleshooting and RMA process they work fine.
  3. OCZ is out of the memory market, so that is a given!
  4. There may still be some OCZ RAM on the store shelves somewhere, just sayin.
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