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Can I run an ATI HD 4650 or a Nvidia 9800gt on a 305 watt PSU?

I know these cards need a 400watt supply but I read in a lot of forums that a 300watt supply can do the job too. So i'll just drop in my specs and let me know if i can run any of these cards. I am using a Dell E521.
I have a :
AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+
2 x 512 MB RAM (NANYA -
Max power output 305 watt supply (DELL)
Seagate 160GB SATA HDD @7200RPM + 500 GB Transcend(External) @ 5400RPM

I think that about it.If you want any more details let me know I'll search and let you know.
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  1. Could you post the specs of your PSU? find the model number and post that if you cant find it maybe?
  2. Its a Dell H305n-00. Hope that helps.
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    A 4650 would work easily, doesn't require external power, a 4670 would be a better option that still doesn't require external power.

    2 type's of 9800, the reference card that needs a 6 pin connection and the Eco or Green card's that don't.
    Either would work, the standard would be a bit harder on the psu and needs you to use an adapter or two.
  4. Oh ok thanks a lot man i have been doing a lot of research but do you think i can run a HD 5670? i heard its low on power and gives a performance of a beast.
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