Suggestions for graphic card and Sound Card

I'm building a gaming pc my budget is around 14k pounds, below is the list of what I've come up with:
1) i7 2600K
2) Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD5-B3, Intel Z68
3) 120GB SSD Intel 320 Series(boot drive)
4) Samsung 12x BD-writer
5) 1 Tb Wd 64mb cache
6) 8GB (2x4GB) Corsair Dominator
7) 1000W Coolermaster Silent Pro
8) Coolermaster HAF X Advance
+Antec Kuhler and corsair ram cooler etc

So here's the prob:
1) I wanted to stack an Hd 6950 in this, but the Z68 does not have any PciE 2.1 slot it only has 2.0 slots( that's what is written in the specs on Scan)
2) I had a creative SB xtreme audio pci-e installed on my old PC and it s***s, lots of delay problem with my LG 5.1 Surround system, I'm also a musician, and when connecting my guitar to the card, there's a latency of 0.2/0.3 secs and couldn't get this fixed, this got me to kind of hate creative........

Any suggestion for Video card that would equal the HD 6950 in power/price and help me replace this Creative piece of crap is welcomed....

P.s : I've recently ordered a workstation with nearly the same components, (more ram,firepro and some other stuffs installed),but will not be playing on the other one......

Many thnks,
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  1. there no such thing as 2.1 slots 2.1 cards are meant for 2.0 slots. You don't need that much power unless you plan on having 3x 6950s. As for sound card get the creative labs xfi it is one of the best.
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