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Intel i7-990x Extreme or i7 2600k for video editing?

I'm building a new computer both for gaming and video editing. I'm getting into Adobe after effects and some 3D animation so I'm building a new faster computer. I wanted to keep the parts for this computer around $1000.

I already have x2 Nvidia GTX 460 graphics cards and a HAF 932 case at my house so those don't count into the price.

What is on my list right now is:
Cooler Master 1000w PSU,
G.Skill Ripjaws x series 1600mhz memory *16gb*
Asus p8p67 DELUXE
Intel i7-2600k
*Cpu fan is the hyper 212plus*
- Links for all of these are below

So my question is would it be worth it spending an extra $700 on the extreme edition? also if i did that I would probably have to find a different motherboard. *Any good references?*

Thank you in advance for the help :)

CPU fan:

My current total is $824.94

Extreme edition link:
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    If I were editing video for a living, where sometimes the 990x's extra cores/cache might shave a few seconds here and there, perhaps the 990x might prove useful...

    But for $700 more? No way.
  2. Ok thanks for the reply :)
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  4. With the 460's, the 2600k seems the more appropriate option.
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