Should I buy this RAM?

I'm still trying to decide on what I want/can afford for a new build but would like to buy RAM today because its on sale at Newegg.

This will be used with either the i5 2500K or i5 2400, but I've not yet decided on mobo (tho probably P67 with 2500K), or SLI/CF or not.

But this should be pretty good, right, no matter the final build? Vs. some other 8gb set? I am a little concerned about the height of the heat spreaders.

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    Ram looks good. Some aftermarket coolers might not fit as well as they should with the heat spreaders, but you really only need an aftermarket cooler if you plan to overclock.
  2. I'd certainly want to OC the 2500K.
  3. Ordered it. No doubt some good HS will fit. The spreaders are not nearly as tall as some (looking at you, Corsair).

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  5. Sorry to revive this post, but I noticed that on newegg it says "Designed Specifically for Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs and P67 Platforms"

    But it would just as good for Z68, right?
  6. Yup, it'll work perfectly fine with the Z68. I have the exact same RAM and I'm using a Z68 aswell.
  7. Terrific! Thank you.
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