Windows 7 , random freezing , please help.


Ever since i tested out a ram module for my friend , i have had trouble when i put my ram back in .

My windows started freezing and i looked in the bios , i noticed that my timing where off and the clock aswell , so i fixed those but its still happening.

The freeze inculde : random pc freezes when watching youtube {thing complettely freezes , sound keeps playing , sometimes not , sometimes mouse frezzes aswell}

When in games , the thing just completele freezes and i have to reboot , alredy tried to reset bios , didnt work , also alredy re-seated ram , also didnt work

Somehow i think its something with te ram , could be a software problem though , sorry if i missposted this.

specs :

2500k at 4.2ghz {has been stable for ever and ive tried runnign without oc , still freezing}
gtx 560ti with newest 301.24 driver
4 {2x2} gb of corsair vengance 1600 mhz 8/8/8/24

Thank you in advance,
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  1. My stystem is not overheating in anyway . , just saying :D
  2. Come on , can no one help me ?
  3. Buy more ram (:D) nuff said
  4. Q - What exact MOBO?
    Q - What BIOS version?
    Q - What exact Kit or Kits or RAM? ; Provide a link. Keep in mind the Rated Frequency/CAS Timings are for (1) kit not Kits or individual sticks placed together
    Q - What DIMM Slots is the RAM installed?

    Now if the only problem is YouTube then try Disabling Hardware Acceleration ; many Browsers it's a known issue.
  5. I had the same problem, it was tested from newegg RMA and it was a bad stick of RAM.
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