How to assemble asus motherboard and hdd?

I hav a motherboard asus K8VMX. all the power codes are dis connected from mother board.somes cords are there named power SW,power led.hdd led etc. whrer to connect these chords?some manuals are available?how to find the exat point to which the chords are to be put?will some problem occure if i wrongly connect chords?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Manual -

    Refer to page 1-26 (System Panel)

    No, you don't want to mix-up your cables. Both the cables and System Panel connections must match-up properly to insure normal operation. On the Motherboard and Cables they should be clearly marked & labeled.
  2. also... don't mix up the polarity with some of the wire pairs. If the pair consists of a color and white, the white is negative(-). If the pair consists of a color and black, the black is negative(-).
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