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Hi, I have posted several threads about my CPU problem but nothing is being helped :(. My Core speed dropped from 1.6 ghz to 800mhz for no reason. I haven't overclocked or touched anything that involves with the processor. I can't do anything with my BIOS and I have updated it. Here is a picture of my CPU speed and GHZ.

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?1i2cnwaewhe5dah

Somehow the system settings said it was 2.13 GHz ~ 1.07 GHz while it is suppose to be 2.13 GHz ~ 2.13 GHz.

I would like some help here thanks :(.
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  1. your link give software mediafire :D , get new motherboard overclockable
  2. Read up on a thing called SpeedStep. It will enlighten you.

    Short version - its supposed to, don't sweat it.
  3. What is you CPU. yes it is probably jut speedstep, except that you seem to be talking about the highest speed it can attain being lower than the specified speed, which sounds like the multiplier is set wrong in the bios.

    You didn't upgrade this chip from a previous cpu did you?
  4. What is your CPU and Motherboard? As above its supposed to, and certain mobo features further power saving abilities by reducing CPU speed.
  5. Download CPU-Z and Prime95. Run CPU-Z and see what frequency your CPU runs at when the system is idling. Then run Prime95 and see what your CPU does when it's being worked flat out. As festerovic has said, it's normal. :)
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