No Holes for Backplate Asus P9X79?

Hello i just got my P9X79 and H60 Liquid Cooling and started the installation got as far as the coling.
When mounting the backplate i notice there are no holes for the backplate.

Its a Corsair H60 and it comes with a backplate and some mouting "screws" x 4 that is suposed to be mounted from
the top and screwd in to the Backplate. But on my ASUS P9X79 there are no holes to put the screws in.
There are how over 4 holes but they are not going all the way thrue the Motherboard.

Anyone know what to do?
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  1. I suppose the reason is that a backplate is not needed for 2011 sockets...see below some information about the spec of the ILM frame of the 2011:

    Intel Independent Loading Mechanism

    The Socket 2011 employs a new dual-latch design called the Independent Loading Mechanism, aimed to deliver consistent pin pressure across the socket when the processor is held in place. The ILM mechanism consists of:
    ILM frame which uses threaded mounting holes for CPU coolers and requires no back plate installation for aftermarket heatsinks.
    Load Plate which applies pressure around the top of the CPU
    Removable ILM cover which protects the contact pins when there is no CPU installed
    Hinge and Load Levers which locks the load plate in place
  2. Yep, you simply screw in the 'LGA 2011' standoff's (looks like ==|=== and NOT ===|===) short end to the MOBO and then screw the head unit in after removing the plastic cover. It couldn't be any easier.

    IMO you really need 2xFans for push-pull with that unit!!!
  3. Hey guys thanks for all your reply, after some waiting I finally got a response from Corsair.
    And they gave me a coupon for free shipping and universal bracket kit witch have the screws I needed.
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